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Obama: 'Stop the political circus'

09/09/11 12:24AM

Missed the speech? In front of a joint session of Congress, President Obama introduced his "American Jobs Act" — a reported $450 billion dollar bill that he says would "provide a jolt to an economy that has stalled."   read more

Will GOP accept Obama’s plan?

Will GOP accept Obama’s plan?

09/08/11 08:00PM

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney joins Lawrence O’Donnell to weigh whether Republicans listened to President Obama’s speech with open minds and a willingness to consider his plan. watch

First Word: Thursday, September 8

09/08/11 01:51PM

Tonight, we'll bring you President Obama's address to Congress on jobs along with post-speech analysis. Here's a look at headlines we're following now. What about you?President Obama jobs speech comes with high stakesMichele Bachmann to unofficially rebut Obama’s speech, againRick Perry and Willard M. Romney twist records in... read more

GOP debate video highlights

09/07/11 08:52PM

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economyWe'll add more as we get them. Give us your reaction to the debate in the comment section below. read more

Is Huntsman ready to rumble?

Is Huntsman ready to rumble?

09/07/11 05:56PM

The countdown to the NBC News/Politico Republican Presidential Debate has pundit-world anticipating which Republican party will be presented to voters tonight. Earlier debates showcased extreme right-wing positions candidates have adopted on the economy and science to placate their fervent tea party base.Jon Huntsman refuses to be a part of that. read more

First Word: Wednesday, September 7

09/07/11 04:14PM

There's no Last Word tonight due to the special Republican debate at 8pm ET on msnbc. Instead, Lawrence will be giving post-game analysis. You won't want to miss that, or the list of good reads below.The Gipper's ghost haunts GOP-ers as they head to Reagan Library debateWill Rick Perry and Willard Romney mix it up at tonight'... read more

Displaced Somali people line up for food south of Mogadishu on Sept. 5, 2011

Senate vote on emergency food funds

09/06/11 08:39PM

As Lawrence mentioned in tonight's Rewrite, tomorrow the Senate Appropriations Committee will be voting on an Agriculture Appropriations Bill that passed in the House back in June. The version that cleared the House (which you can read in its entirety here) included deep cuts to emergency food assistance. Cuts that United Nations officials... read more