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Bachmann won't raise debt ceiling

07/07/11 03:39PM

With the recent budget deficit debates and now today's Debt Ceiling Summit at the White House, Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann timed the release of her first 2012 election TV ad perfectly.The 30-second ad, which will begin airing in Iowa later today, starts out on a time-lapse beauty shot of Bachmann’s hometown of Waterloo, Iowa. The video scans over family Kodak photos as she touts her Hawkeye roots and staunch fiscal conservatism."As a descendent of generations of Iowans, I was born and raised in Waterloo. read more

First Word: July 7, 2011

07/07/11 03:32PM

Here's a list of stories we've been reading today. Which headlines are you clicking on?President Obama calls debt talks constructive, but big gaps remainHouse Dems reportedly stunned by White House debt proposalObama’s political machine goes on the offenseRupert Murdoch tabloid News Of The World to close amid hacking scandal News Corp.'s James Murdoch defends Rebekah Brooks New study says the poor are healthier with MedicaidHarry Potter film ends series, but story remains read more

Inside the White House debt talks

07/06/11 11:27PM

The Last Word guest host Chris Hayes talks to Gene Sperling, Director of the National Economic Council, to get an inside perspective on the latest installment of debt ceiling negotiations between the White House and leaders on Capitol Hill. read more

First Word: Wednesday, July 6

First Word: Wednesday, July 6

07/06/11 08:00PM

There's something rotten in the state of England where a piece of Rupert Murdoch's media empire is under investigation for truly grotesque behavior. Here at... watch

Finding extra tax revenue

Finding extra tax revenue

07/06/11 08:00PM

Where can we find tax revenue that would improve the economy, yet not fall on the backs of the middle and working class? Guest host Chris Hayes shares one idea. watch

Hypocrisy from GOP freshmen?

Hypocrisy from GOP freshmen?

07/06/11 08:00PM

The GOP freshmen who campaigned against the stimulus and government spending are privately saying that spending is actually necessary. The Huffington Post’s... watch

Rep. Tim Scott (file)

Impeachment by invoking the 14th?

07/06/11 07:28PM

We've tossed around the idea ourselves here at The Last Word. Is there any emergency way out for President Obama if no compromise has been reached over the debt ceiling? Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner himself recently noted a clause in the 14th Amendment that states U.S. public debt "shall not be questioned."One Republican congressman floated the "I" word in response the potential loophole Obama could use to side-step Congress on the debt ceiling."This president is looking to usurp congressional oversight to find a way to get it done without us. read more

President Obama and Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey in the first ever Twitter Town Hall at the White House on Wednesday.

GOP takes on Obama in Twitter event

07/06/11 04:42PM

Today, President Obama hosted the first ever Twitter town hall at the White House. Users tweeted questions to the president — under the 140 characters count, naturally — using the #AskObama tag. The social networking site picked all 18 questions and Obama responded verbally without any restrictions.The event focused on jobs and the economy. And top Republican leaders took the chance to slide in their own snarky questions for the president:  read more

First Word: July 6, 2011

07/06/11 03:03PM

A look at stories shaping tonight's Last Word rundown. Chris Hayes joins us as a guest host.Social media take on role of presidential questioner in Twitter town hallObama cites progress in deficit reduction talksLawmakers head to White House on Thursday in effort to break debt stalemateFreshman Republicans lobby federal agencies for millions amid spending critiquesDavid Cameron promises News of the World phone hack probeNews of the World went after cell phones of 7/7 victims’ familiesNBA disputes Forbes' profit estimates read more

The never-ending debt talks

07/06/11 12:31AM

Editor of Frum Forum, David Frum, and Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson join The Last Word to break down today's developments in the debt ceiling negotiations. read more

First Word: Tuesday, July 5

First Word: Tuesday, July 5

07/05/11 08:00PM

I never thought I'd see the day when the Republican Party managed to alienate the Washington Establishment. But it looks like we've reached that point. watch