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The May 23 edition

T-Paw announcement gets obit page

05/23/11 07:17PM

Is the Tim Pawlenty presidential campaign already dead? His local newspaper, The St. Paul Pioneer Press, ran the announcement on its obit page this morning. Proving Mother Nature can top all major headlines, his announcement likely got pushed because of the deadly tornadoes throughout the Midwest. (H/T read more

President Obama at pub in Ireland on Monday.

White House denies Guinness-gate

05/23/11 07:03PM

The President enjoyed a proper pint while visiting Ireland today, but some online reports suggested the Guinness didn’t come from the tap. Rumors circulated the web that the Secret Service brought in the brew all the way from the White House like some Medieval taste-testers. The White House assured us this afternoon there’s no truth it.The "O'bamas" raised a glass at a pub in Moneygall, the town where his great-great-great grandfather Falmouth Kearney grew up, as part of a four-nation European tour. And for the record, he downed the whole beer. read more

Inside the deadly Joplin tornado

05/23/11 06:14PM

 A YouTube user captured their encounter with the deadly tornado that ripped through Joplin, Missouri last night. In the video, we hear a group of people taking shelter inside a convenience store as the tornado starts, hits, and seems to pass. Through their separate reactions, we are given a peak inside the intense situation.As of this afternoon, the death toll jumped to 116 and at least 1,150 are injured. read more

Tim Pawlenty giving a speech in Des Moines, Iowa on Monday.

Tim Pawlenty enters 2012 race

05/23/11 04:48PM

Tim Pawlenty kicked off his bid for the White House today with a campaign stop in Iowa. The former Minnesota governor, who announced his candidacy yesterday, is billing himself as the guy who’s willing to tell is like it is to the American people."I'm going to try something a little unusual in politics. I'm just going to tell the truth. Washington is broken, our country is going broke, and our long-term financial outlook will make the pain of the recent recession pale in comparison," he said in today’s speech. read more

First Word: May 23, 2011

05/23/11 02:46PM

Here's a look at stories we're following today. What headlines are you clicking on?Tim Pawlenty launches 2012 bid for the White HouseTeam Daniels plots next moveDeath toll rises to nearly 100 in Missouri tornadoScott Brown attacks GOP Medicare plan he recently praisedRapture forecaster "flabbergasted" by the world not endingDonald Trump vastly overestimates America’s post-Apprentice appetite for Donald Trump read more

The Last Word Rapture cocktail

05/20/11 10:18PM

Our lovely msnbc colleague Rachel Maddow mixed the perfect drink for the day after the world doesn't end. And she named it The Last Word, in honor of our coverage on the May 21 doomsday hoax. Cheers!Directions:Mix equal parts gin, fresh lime juice, maraschino liqueur (Rachel recommends Luxardo brand) and green Chartreuse. Shake well with ice for a while, then strain into chilled cocktail glass. read more

Obama and Netanyahu (awkwardly) meet

05/20/11 08:17PM

Just one day after President Obama gave a speech on Israel and the Middle East, things got tense between the President and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu at the White House. Sitting next to the President, Netanyahu declared that Israel would not pull its borders back to those from 1967 in order to make way for a Palestinian state. read more

"Last Judgment" by Michaelangelo, Sistine Chapel, Vatican City

Judgment Day in art history

05/20/11 08:05PM

Imagining what the alleged rapture will look like tomorrow? In what is one of his most iconic works, Michaelangelo seemed to think it looked like this. You see someone holding May 2011 calendar anywhere? We certainly don't. read more

Friday night funnies

Friday night funnies

05/20/11 08:00PM

What could possibly be funny about a week that begins with the end of Trump-ism and ends with the end of the world. As MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell explains, the writing staffs of the late night comedy shows had a good week. watch

Evangelicals’ pick for president

Evangelicals’ pick for president

05/20/11 08:00PM

With evangelical candidate Mike Huckabee gone from the race, how will the remaining Republican hopefuls position themselves to capture their votes? The Washington Post’s Jonathan Capehart joins The Last Word with more. watch