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New GOP frontrunner in 2012 race

New GOP frontrunner in 2012 race

08/24/11 08:00PM

Texas Governor Rick Perry stole Rep. Michele Bachmann's momentum. The Last Word guest host Chris Hayes talks to Slate’s Dave Weigel about this surge and Perry’s stance on the 16th Amendment. watch

Steve Jobs (file)

Steve Jobs steps down from Apple

08/24/11 07:42PM

The man who brought us the iPod, iPad and those tiny white "buds" that snugly tuck inside ears is stepping down from his position as Apple CEO. Steve Jobs formally announced his resignation today, sending shock-waves through the tech and business world.Jobs turned Apple from a nearly broke computer company into one of the most powerful... read more

Screengrab of Geroge Pataki's presidential website

Hint of George Pataki presidential run

08/24/11 06:57PM

George Pataki may be more ready than ever to take the presidential plunge. The former New York governor has been flirting with the idea, and it seems committed to building a website for the occasion.The Observer discovered a beta site, which was briefly published by accident. D'oh! It's been scrubbed from public view since the report.... read more

Perry's boots walk all over GOP field

Perry's boots walk all over GOP field

08/24/11 05:24PM

A new Republican front-runner emerged today in the race for the White House, according to a new Gallup poll. Rick Perry's been in the race for less than two weeks, and he’s already crowding out other presidential contenders. All that anti-science talk certainly makes one stand out.The poll shows the Texas governor leading the pack at 29... read more

First Word: August 24, 2011

08/24/11 03:46PM

Chris Hayes will be sitting in the anchor chair tonight. Here's a look at headlines shaping tonight's rundown.Defiant Gadhafi vows to keep fighting, journalists freed.Rebuilding the poor oil-rich country of LibyaJeb Bush to Republican candidates: 'You can't just be against the president' George Pataki briefly publishes... read more

Fixing the lack of civility in politics

08/23/11 09:23PM

Is the anonymity of the Internet and the accessibility to false information leading to a breakdown in civil discourse? The Last Word guest host Melissa Harris-Perry discusses the issue of ugly rhetoric with former RNC Chairman Michael Steele, her opponent — not her enemy. read more

Inside the Gadhafi compound

Inside the Gadhafi compound

08/23/11 08:00PM

NBC's Richard Engel was the first correspondent to report from inside Gadhafi’s compound after rebels took control. For almost an hour, he walked viewers through the scene of the important victory of a revolution 42 years in the making. watch

First Word: August 23, 2011

First Word: August 23, 2011

08/23/11 08:00PM

There are now reports just in minutes ago that Moammar Gadhafi has spoken on the Radio in Libya, vowing Victory or Martyrdom. That's stealing the attention back from that East Coast quake. watch

Earthquake rocks East Coast

Earthquake rocks East Coast

08/23/11 08:00PM

Minor damage was reported, but there’s major worry after the biggest earthquake to strike the East coast in 67 years. The Last Word guest host Melissa Harris-Perry talks to Rep. Ed Markey about how this highlights a big problem with nuke safety in this... watch

Elizabeth Warren’s uphill battle

Elizabeth Warren’s uphill battle

08/23/11 08:00PM

Could Elizabeth Warren's career of fighting for the common man and against corporate greed actually hurt her in her quest for a Massachusetts Senate seat? MSNBC guest host Melissa Harris-Perry has details. watch

Elizabeth Warren (file)

Elizabeth Warren's uphill battle

08/23/11 07:25PM

Elizabeth Warren, who was picked by Sen. Harry Reid to oversee the Wall Street bailout and then picked by President Obama to launch the federal government's Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, announced last week she now has an exploratory committee for a likely possible Senate run in Massachusetts.Her opponent in that potential race... read more

The Last Word staff after evacuating the 30 Rock offices.

Last Word earthquake evacuation

08/23/11 05:28PM

An earthquake rattled the East Coast (and our nerves) this afternoon, forcing hundreds of thousands of people to evacuate buildings. The 5.8 magnitude quake, centered 40 miles northwest of Richmond, could be felt up from Georgia all the way to New England.Luckily, there have been no reports of major damage or injuries.Parts of the Pentagon,... read more


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