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Last night's GOP debate in 75 seconds

09/13/11 04:55PM

Last night the Republican presidential candidates met for yet another debate (yes, really). I know a lot you didn't see it because it was on another network you were still sated from the amazingness that was last week's NBC News/POLITICO Republican Debate (see highlights here). In fact, viewership for last night's debate was down... read more

Is voting GOP voting to repeal?

Is voting GOP voting to repeal?

09/13/11 04:40PM

Washington Post columnist Steven Pearlstein joined The Last Word choir. His new op-ed, "The magical world of voodoo 'economists,'" touches on the "kooky" ideas of GOP candidates to dismantle the federal government. Turning their backs on progress made in the 20th century, the current batch of Republicans want to... read more

First Word: Tuesday, September 13

09/13/11 02:57PM

Lawrence is anchoring back in New York tonight. Here's a look stories shaping tonight's rundown.Obama would sign parts of jobs bill, push for restMichele Bachmann continues to seize on HPVRick Perry 'taken aback' by let them die cheer at debatePoverty rate hits 18-year high as median income fallsAs Perry rises, GOP elite look... read more

Can America get its groove back?

Can America get its groove back?

09/12/11 08:00PM

As the United States struggles to turn back a 9.1 percent unemployment rate, Thomas Friedman's new book says there is a way back to greatness, but we need to start making the tough decisions now. He’s joins The Last Word. watch

Democrats struggle to keep Weiner's seat

Democrats struggle to keep Weiner's seat

09/12/11 08:00PM

It's been almost three months since New York Congressman Anthony Weiner resigned over his Twitter photo scandal. In the special election for his congressional seat this week, Democrat David Weprin is trailing in the polls. He gets the last word. watch

Searching for Ronald Reagan

Searching for Ronald Reagan

09/12/11 08:00PM

Ronald Reagan's daughter Patti Davis isn't endorsing any GOP candidates after watching them debate at her father's presidential library. She joins The Last Word in an exclusive interview to explain what the current GOP field doesn’t understand about... watch

Rewriting Haley’s ‘little girl’ remark

Rewriting Haley’s ‘little girl’ remark

09/12/11 08:00PM

Republican South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley has done something that even she thinks is inappropriate to a little girl. So why does the governor refuse to apologize? MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell has more in the Rewrite. watch

President Obama discussing the "American Jobs Act" in the Rose Garden on Monday with Vice President Biden at his side.

Obama jobs bill sent, and we wait

09/12/11 07:58PM

The fate of the American Jobs Act now rests in the hands of Congress. President Obama revealed details of his long-awaited jobs plan today during a speech in the Rose Garden.The president wants high-income earners, corporate jet owners, hedge fund managers and oil companies to pay more in taxes to help foot the cost of the $447 billion piece of... read more

America at critical crossroads

09/12/11 06:06PM

America's become the couch potatoes of innovation, phoning it in since the days of the cold war according to Thomas Friedman and Michael Mandelbaum. Their new book, That Used to be Us: How America Fell Behind in the World It Invented and How We Can Come Back, argues this country is on a downward spiral because of four factors: globalization... read more

A flower sitting on one of the panels displaying names of victims at the 9/11 memorial in New York on Monday.

9/11 memorial opens to the public

09/12/11 04:05PM

The new 9/11 memorial plaza opened to the public this morning in New York. For the past decade, officials kept the area, better known as "ground zero," closed off to visitors after the collapse of the World Trade Center.Two reflecting pools now sit in the WTC footprints and a bronze plaque around the edges lists the names of the nearly... read more

First Word: Monday, September 12

09/12/11 02:18PM

Here's a look at stories we're following this afternoon. What headlines are you clicking on now?President Obama sending jobs bill to CongressObama proposes raising taxes on the wealthy to pay for $447 billion jobs bill9/11 memorial plaza opens to the public Death penalty answer follows Rick PerryTim Pawlenty endorses Mitt Romney for... read more


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