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‘Unusual… to solely use personal email’

‘Unusual… to solely use personal email’

03/03/15 11:32PM

As we waited for Hillary Clinton to address an Emily’s List gala, Lawrence asked legal experts and political analysts about the importance of the NYT Clinton email story.  Joining us was Krystal Ball, Jonathan Alter, Jason Baron & Steve Vladeck.  watch

The political aftermath of Netanyahu’s speech

The political aftermath of Netanyahu’s speech

03/03/15 11:31PM

PM Benjamin Netanyahu told Congress that the current nuclear negotiations with Iran would not prevent the nation from developing nuclear weapons. Shortly after, the House cleared the DHS bill. Rep. Peter Welch, Michael Tomasky, Sam Stein, and Jonathan... watch

A protester holds her hands up in front of a police car in Ferguson, Missouri, on Nov. 25, 2014 during demonstrations following the grand jury decision in the fatal shooting of a 18-year-old black teenager Michael Brown. (Photo by Jewel Samad/AFP/Getty)

Justice Department releases scathing Ferguson report

03/03/15 02:29PM

The Department of Justice has released a scathing report on its findings in an investigation of the Ferguson, Missouri police department, in which it says the police department engaged in broad pattern of conduct that routinely violated the constitutional rights of African Americans.The DOJ findings include a pattern and practice of... read more

‘We’ve come a long way’

‘We’ve come a long way’

03/02/15 10:54PM

Lawrence O’Donnell remembers Earl Lloyd, who became the first African American player in the NBA in 1950 and how far we have come since Lloyd first stepped onto the court in the previously all-white NBA to the makeup of current teams today. watch


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