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E.g., 7/25/2014
A marriage equality supporter protesting at New York's Capitol in Albany on Friday.

Road paved for marriage equality vote

06/24/11 07:33PM

The New York state Senate is expected to take an up or down vote on the marriage equality bill later tonight. We're hearing midnight-ish.Majority Leader Dean Skelos said Republicans agreed to send it to the floor after some language was tweaked to "protect the rights of religious institutions." He added, "I appreciate the governors cooperation in working with us to address these important issues and concerns as I have said many times this is a very difficult issue and it will be a vote of conscious for every member of the Senate.Democratic Gov. read more

Sen. Allen dances around Ryan plan

06/24/11 05:28PM

Let's be honest, the Paul Ryan budget plan is not something to brag about if you’re a Republican and want to get re-elected in 2012. A new Bloomberg National Poll reconfirmed its toxicity with 57 percent of Americans saying they would be worse off under the Medicare-killing plan. With Independent voters, 58 percent think the Ryan plan is a baaaaaaad idea. Dick Cheney gushed over the plan, saying he worships the ground Paul Ryan walks on — again, yet another reason to stay clear of it for the sake of winning voters.Senator George Allen is staying hush hush on his view of the GOP-backed plan. read more

Dude, that was Lawrence's neighbor!

06/24/11 04:50PM

Watch video of Lawrence explaining the bizarre Boston-Santa Monica connection with mobster Whitey Bulger. Plus, Boston Herald columnist and radio host Howie Carr joins the show with details on how the FBI finally pinned down one of its 10 most wanted criminals. read more

First Word: June 24, 2011

06/24/11 03:02PM

A link list of stories shaping tonight's rundown. What headlines are catching your attention right now?Top Dems say a high-income tax proposal made GOP abandon debt talksSen. Jim DeMint warns GOP on debt limit voteVan Jones returns, launches liberal alternative to the tea partySpeaker John Boehner challenges President Obama on debt deal, tax increasesPetraeus says Afghan pullout is beyond what he advisedJon Huntsman will drink for diplomacy read more

Pelosi responds to GOP walkout

06/23/11 09:19PM

Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi expressed disappointment today after top Republican leaders walked out of debt talks."I don't know how they can face the American people by saying this is what's really important to us when it comes time to reduce the deficit, to give tax breaks to big oil and corporate America," the House Minority Leader said in an exclusive interview with msnbc’s Lawrence O’Donnell.House Majority Leader Eric Cantor and Senate Minority Whip Jon Kyl dramatically pulled out of budget talks led by Vice President Joe Biden over unwillingness to compromise on revenue increases. read more

Rewriting the Paul Ryan rift

Rewriting the Paul Ryan rift

06/23/11 08:00PM

In the Rewrite, MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell addresses the divide between Rep. Paul Ryan’s so-called revered reputation in Washington and his actual reputation... watch

First Word: June 23, 2011

First Word: June 23, 2011

06/23/11 08:00PM

The Republicans walk out of the budget negotiations. No surprise there. And Whitey Bulger walks out with his hands up. Talk about rocking my world. watch

Debt talks break down

Debt talks break down

06/23/11 08:00PM

Huffington Post editorial director Howard Fineman joins The Last Word with analysis after high-ranking Republicans Cantor and Kyl deserted debt negotiations. watch

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Lawrence O'Donnell on set in Washington, D.C.

Behind the scenes of Pelosi interview

06/23/11 04:00PM

Lawrence sat down with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi for a lengthy chat this afternoon.We’re very glad it took place — Lawrence and our crew initially had trouble getting down to Washington, D.C. from New York City. All Northeast Corridor train lines were down due to a power outage (of course, today of all days). In a last-minute change of plans, they hopped on a plane to make it in time.The mad dash paid off. Pelosi, fresh off a meeting with President Obama, had a lot to say about debt ceiling talks and Cantor’s decision to leave them.The interview will air tonight at 8pm ET on msnbc. read more