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Goodwill game gone wrong in China

08/18/11 06:04PM

A nasty brawl broke out earlier today between Georgetown men's basketball team and the Bayi Rockets in Beijing, coinciding with Vice President Joe Biden's visit to China. (Geez Joe, can't take you anywhere).In the fourth quarter, two players threw a couple of shoves after a call. It quickly erupted into a full-blown scuffle: guys on both teams threw out punches, tossed chairs, tackled one another. (What is this, football?) The crowd threw water bottles as the Hoyas team. (What is this, European football?) Not the kind of stuff you want to see at a goodwill game. read more

First Word: August 18, 2011

08/18/11 04:05PM

Here's a look at stories we're following now. What headlines are you clicking on?Did Koch Brothers bankroll segregation in North Caroline school district?Bashing EPA is new theme in GOP raceRick Perry and Mitt Romney assail President Obama on SyriaJon Huntsman on evolution, global warming: 'Call me crazy'Wall Street sell-off: Stocks plunge as more signs of economic weakness emergeMichele Bachmann camp's sharp elbowsSen. Tom Coburn says some very re-writable things read more

Questions over patriotism not equal

08/17/11 09:41PM

In 2008, Michelle Obama was criticized for saying for the first time in her adult life, she was proud of her country. Last weekend, Michele Bachmann said essentially the same thing and no one said peep. The Last Word guest host Melissa Harris Perry has the story. read more

President Obama golfing on Martha's Vineyard in 2010.

Obama, Romney hitting The Vineyard

08/17/11 09:20PM

Willard M. Romney mocked President Obama today for his upcoming vacation on Martha's Vineyard.When discussing Obama's soon-to-be-released economic plan, the former Massachusetts governor called it "too little too late" but added, "we appreciate the fact that he's going to devote some time to it. read more

Meet the Recession Generation

Meet the Recession Generation

08/17/11 08:00PM

They’ve got no jobs, no prospects and no ability to pay back student loans. Assistant Professor of Political Science at Columbia University and fellow at the... watch

Crashing the tea party

Crashing the tea party

08/17/11 08:00PM

Has the Tea Party finally worn out its welcome among mainstream Americans? Slate reporter Dave Weigel joins The Last Word with details. watch

Perry’s job creation myth

Perry’s job creation myth

08/17/11 08:00PM

The so-called “Texas Miracle” actually came with help from the government. Last Word guest host Melissa Harris (no relation) Perry separates the fact from... watch

Ron Paul: the movie... or something

08/17/11 07:53PM

Following in the tradition of the movie trailer-like political ads from the now-defunct campaign of Tim Pawlenty, Texas Republican Congressman Ron Paul has released this ad called, "The One Who Can Beat Obama."From Ron Paul's campaign website (their emphasis, not mine):Ron Paul released a new 60-second TV spot this morning. It goes live in Iowa and New Hampshire today.After a forceful buildup, the ad comes to a triumphant conclusion with these powerful words: “Ron Paul: The one who will stop the spending, save the dollar, create jobs, bring peace. The one who will restore liberty. read more

Rick Perry on the stump in Cedar Rapids, Iowa on Monday.

Perry skeptical of global warming

08/17/11 06:13PM

In today's edition of "Repealing the 20th Century," Texas Governor Rick Perry does "not buy into" the whole climate change thing. While on the campaign trail today in New Hampshire, an area known for its environmentally-friendly policies, he rejected the concept, saying "the issue of global warming has been politicized.""I think there are a substantial number of scientists who have manipulated data so that they will have dollars rolling into their projects,” the Republican presidential hopeful told the crowd of local business leaders. read more

First Word: August 17, 2011

08/17/11 03:54PM

A look at stories shaping tonight's rundown. What stories are you clicking on?Gov. Rick Perry's big donors fare well in TexasObama to lay out new jobs plan in September speechWhite House paints rivals with tea party brush A state-backed miracle in TexasChris Christie aide denies 2012 bid reportRick Perry calls climate change a hoax drummed up by scientistsCantor calls on House GOP to avoid government shutdown brinksmanshipStephen Colbert loses treasurer to Rick PerryAloha, Mr. Gingrich! read more

Perry takes heat over Fed comments

08/16/11 09:29PM

It took only three days for Rick Perry to unleash. Texas governor got nasty at a campaign stop in Cedar Rapids Iowa last night by calling Fed Chair Ben Bernanke's emergency economic policies "almost treasonous." Everyone from liberals to Karl Rove fired back at these comments.The Last Word guest host Chris Hayes discussed the the political backlash of this thuggish rhetoric with Alex Wagner of The Huffington Post. read more

Littleton, New Hampshire, Aug. 16

Awkward Willard: Tuesday edition

08/16/11 08:33PM

It's another day, and another chance for Willard M. Romney to be awkward. With the straw poll and the state fair of Iowa well behind him, today the assumed Republican frontrunner was in New Hampshire. The Boston Globe reports that during a stop at an elevator company, Romney talked with workers a bit.And then things got... well, awkward.As Romney began to leave the company after his hourlong visit, he looked at... Ellen Boss, the girlfriend of the company’s general counsel, Cory Hussey.“Nice,” Romney said as she blushed. “Nice choice. Just like me."Wait... what? read more