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President Obama caught off guard during a picture with leaders at the United Nations on Tuesday,

Presidential picture fail

09/21/11 06:27PM

See, presidents are just like us — even they take dorky photos sometimes. This picture of President Obama and other world leaders was snapped during yesterday's Open Government Partnership event at the United Nations in New York. Was he waving to someone?Obama addressed the General Assembly this morning, emphasizing the need for direct... read more

Rick Perry's new ad in post-T-Paw age

09/21/11 04:41PM

 Rick Perry released new ad, touting high unemployment numbers and increased poverty rates under the Obama administration. It plays up that theme by showing barren city streets and boarded up buildings. read more

First Word: Wednesday, September 21

09/21/11 03:22PM

Guests tonight include authors Ron Suskind and Joe McGinniss. Anything on your Rewrite radar? Tell us what stories you're following now.President Obama's tricky task at the UNRon Suskind fights back on Obama bookDispute on disaster aid threatens bill to avert government shutdownHouse GOP tightens its bond with NetanyahuWillard M.... read more

Nader talks Dem primary challenge

09/20/11 10:49PM

Ralph Nader wants someone to primary President Obama. In an exclusive interview with msnbc's Lawrence O'Donnell the former presidential candidate explains his stance. Plus he offers his thoughts on Twitter as a progressive platform, and tweeps might not like what they hear. read more

Flash mob + Bachmann protest = awesome

09/20/11 08:28PM

 What's not to love about a flash mob? They're fun. They're surprising. They just put you in a good mood.Couple that fun and surprising mood boost with a protest against Rep. Michele Bachmann's tendency to take anti-gay stances, and you've got a viral video in the making. Friday the folks at California's Courage... read more

Obama unleashes new fighting spirit

Obama unleashes new fighting spirit

09/20/11 08:00PM

Rep. Jan Schakowsky of Illinois tells MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell, "most Americans agree with this notion" of more taxes for millionaires and "class warfare" attack doesn't sell with voters. watch

Elizabeth Warren’s Mass appeal

Elizabeth Warren’s Mass appeal

09/20/11 08:00PM

It took less than a week for Massachusetts voters to get to know the Senate candidate. Now she’s ahead of Scott Brown in a new poll. The Huffington Post’s Howard Fineman joins the show to crunch the numbers. watch

Nader talks pushing liberal agenda

Nader talks pushing liberal agenda

09/20/11 08:00PM

Ralph Nader wants someone to primary President Obama. In an exclusive interview with MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell the former presidential candidate explains why, plus he offers his thoughts on Twitter as a progressive platform. watch

Donald Duck on taxes and patriotism

09/20/11 07:39PM

We've talked about The Donald's presidential publicity stunt quit a bit on this show, but never the other famous character, Donald Duck.A vintage Disney cartoon from 1943 came up in today's editorial meeting — certainly not the norm, even for us. The old clip starring Donald Duck emphasizes the civic duty of paying taxes, even at... read more

Navy Lt. Gary Ross and Dan Swezy exchange wedding vows in Duxbury, Vermont on Tuesday.

DADT ends, the celebrations begin

09/20/11 07:20PM

At 12:01 am ET today, the military's repeal of its Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy took effect. Top Pentagon officials declared in a statement "gay and lesbian soldiers may serve in our Army with the dignity and respect they deserve" from this day forward.This moment marks tremendous historical progress for the United... read more