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Republican candidates Michele Bachmann, Willard M. Romney and Rick Perry

Apocalyptic fears and the 2012 election

09/26/11 04:23PM

The world didn't end on May 21, 2011 as predicted by Christian radio broadcaster Harold Camping. But you probably know that already because you’re reading this blog post.Among a thriving section of evangelicals, the end is still nigh. To them, recent events — natural disasters, radical Islam, famine, economic meltdown — all signal the... read more

Newt spotting at 30 Rock

Newt spotting at 30 Rock

09/26/11 02:28PM

During my time creating graphics for the show, one Republican presidential candidate has made my job particularly fun: Newton Leroy Gingrich. As you might recall, Lawrence did several brutal Rewrites about him.The absurd news stories from his campaign provide us with opportunities to create equally absurd visualizations. There was the "Newt... read more

First Word: Monday, September 26

09/26/11 01:00PM

The race for the GOP nomination is still an open book, after Herman Cain's surprise straw poll win in Florida and renewed calls for Chris Christie to run. We'll be discussing that in tonight's show, along with some of these stories. Herman Cain: Straw poll win 'not a protest vote'President Obama blasts Rick Perry on... read more

President Obama discussing the No Child Left Behind education policy at the White House on Friday.

Obama rewrites No Child Left Behind

09/23/11 11:27PM

Big changes are coming to No Child Left Behind law, an education relic of the Bush administration. During a speech at the White House today, President Obama announced his plan to change the way public schools are evaluated.Instead of adhering to students passing a state-required test, he’s giving states the option to make up their own program to... read more

Best doodle since John Hancock

Best doodle since John Hancock

09/23/11 07:28PM

When I was little, I remember I couldn't wait till I was a grown up so I could sign official documents with my signature. Even now, I practice signing my name during meetings (c'mon, we all do it).So who would have thought that this signature belonged to Jacob Lew, Director of the OMB. Here's a close-up: read more

Post-GOP debate analysis

09/23/11 05:09PM

 Rick Perry and Mitt Romney sparred about Social Security, health care and what is and is not in their respective books. And who could forget that jaw-dropping moment when the crowd booed a gay soldier.msnbc's Lawrence O'Donnell discussed the winners and losers with msnbc's Chris Hayes and Howard Fineman and Sam Stein, both of The... read more

Goats or Christmas tree ornaments?

Awesome Internet: Friday edition

09/23/11 04:56PM

It's raining outside the The Last Word HQ. It's Friday. It's time for something ridiculous from the Interwebs. I give you: goats standing on tree branches. Sent to me earlier today by my friend Tricia, these photos show the native Tamri goats from Morocco. These goats have learned how to CLIMB the Argan trees in Morocco because... read more

Gay soldier draws boos at debate

09/23/11 04:27PM

The audience stole the show yet again at a Republican debate. The most cringe-worthy moment of last night's event came when the crowd booed a gay soldier serving overseas in Iraq.Soldier Stephen Hill posed a question via YouTube to Rick Santorum, addressing the repeal of DADT. Hill said he's had to "lie about who read more

First Word: Friday, September 23

09/23/11 02:53PM

Here a look at stories we're following today. What headlines are you clicking on?Republican debate audience boos gay soldier after DADT repeal questionRick Perry's challenging road aheadPerry: Republicans don't need to elect 'the smoothest debater'Government shutdown a step closer as Senate kills House billPalestinians... read more

Post-Republican debate analysis

Post-Republican debate analysis

09/22/11 08:00PM

Rick Perry and Mitt Romney sparred about Social Security, health care and what is and is not in their respective books. MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell discusses the winners and losers with MSNBC's Chris Hayes and Howard Fineman and Sam Stein, both of The... watch

Former executioner speaks out

Former executioner speaks out

09/22/11 08:00PM

What happens to the person whose job it is to kill someone on death row? Jeanne Woodford, the Executive Director of Death Penalty Focus and former prison warden of San Quentin, joins the show to describe her experience. watch