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Awesome Internets: Tuesday edition

10/25/11 06:11PM

 I know Halloween isn't until Monday, but tis the season. And who doesn't love a professionally done light show set to the tune of "Party Rock Anthem?" Halloween lights have never rocked so hard as they do in the above video of a house in Riverside, California. It even rivals my absolute favorite Christmas light show set to... read more

First Word: Tuesday, October 25

10/25/11 04:44PM

These are some of the stories we've been talking about this afternoon. Let us know what articles are making you think. @RealDonaldTrump and @Lawrence have been at Twitter war all day. Rick Perry keep the birth certificate issue alive. Smokey Herman Cain ad still has everyone scratching their heads.Perry tax plan would grant big tax break to... read more

Last Word's open invite to Pastor Hagee

10/24/11 10:55PM

When mega-church Pastor John Hagee appeared at Rick Perry's prayer rally in Houston this summer, Lawrence quoted some of Hagee's past comments that could cause political trouble for the Texas governor. Those past statements included some that have been viewed as anti-Catholic and anti-semitic.  Hagee later reconciled with both the... read more

Details on Perry’s flat tax plan

Details on Perry’s flat tax plan

10/24/11 08:00PM

A first look at Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry’s proposal on spending and tax reform. MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell has details along with Jared Bernstein, former chief economist to VP Biden. watch


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