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Does Trump scare GOP senators?

Does Trump scare GOP senators?

06/28/17 10:30PM

A Republican insider says a president with a 35% approval rating and who is under FBI investigation "doesn't have a hammer" to make GOP senators vote for controversial health care legislation. John Heilemann and Liz Mair join Lawrence O'Donnell. watch

Republicans revolt against Mitch McConnell

Republicans revolt against Mitch McConnell

06/27/17 10:03PM

Sen. McConnell delayed a vote on the Senate GOP health care bill after 9 senators come out against it. But Lawrence O'Donnell explains the real reason Sen. McConnell pulled the bill: that the real number against the bill was probably higher – a lot higher. watch

Trump and the 'honest' question

Trump and the 'honest' question

06/26/17 10:48PM

Kurt Andersen and Lawrence O'Donnell discuss Donald Trump's many lies in office and a new poll that shows only 36% now view the American president as "honest" – which comes as the Trump White House has decided to pick a fight with the press corps. watch

All the President's Lies

All the President's Lies

06/26/17 10:39PM

The New York Times Sunday published an extraordinary definitive list of the more than 100 lies Donald Trump has told as president. Lawrence O'Donnell talks to Stuart Thompson, who worked on the piece. watch

Fmr. GOP congressman: Why I changed my...

Fmr. GOP congressman: Why I changed my mind on Obamacare

06/26/17 10:03PM

Lawrence O'Donnell talks to Ezra Klein about the "catastrophic" CBO report – which estimates 22 million people would lose health care coverage – and GOP Rep. David Jolly shares his personal story of what happened when he found himself unemployed and uninsured. watch

Trump vs. Medicaid

Trump vs. Medicaid

06/23/17 10:16PM

Despite repeated campaign promises not to cut Medcaid, Trump supports the Senate health care bill, which one GOP senator said cuts health care for "tens of millions." Ari Melber discusses with Andy Slavitt, former Acting Administrator of Medicare and Medicaid. watch

In reversal, Trump now supports Medicaid cuts

In reversal, Trump now supports Medicaid cuts

06/22/17 10:25PM

Majority Leader Mitch McConnell doesn't yet have the votes for the health care bill that cuts Medicaid and four GOP senators haven't committed to voting yes. Neera Tanden and Adam Jentleson join Lawrence O'Donnell. watch

Lawrence: We may not have heard the end of...

Lawrence: We may not have heard the end of tapes and Trump

06/22/17 10:03PM

Donald Trump has finally admitted that he does not have recordings of his conversations but hints at conspiracy theories. Lawrence O'Donnell says he only tweeted the initial claim that put him in this messy position because Trump can't keep himself from lying. watch

Officials: No policy from Trump on Russian...

Officials: No policy from Trump on Russian vote attacks

06/21/17 10:21PM

Government cybersecurity and intelligence officials say they haven't received directions from Trump about stopping Russian meddling in future elections, and that Russia targeted 21 election systems in 2016. Malcolm Nance and David Frum join Lawrence O'Donnell. watch

Trump: Democrats' help could make health...

Trump: Democrats' help could make health bill better

06/21/17 10:02PM

At a rally in Iowa, Trump admits the health care bill would be better if Republicans had help from Democrats. Lawrence O'Donnell talks to Joy Reid, Tim O'Brien, and David Frum about the GOP health care strategy and the ever-present cloud cast by the Russia probe. watch

Has Trump dumped commander-in-chief...

Has Trump dumped commander-in-chief responsibilities?

06/20/17 10:47PM

Setting aside Russia's hacking of the election, in hotspots like Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria, Donald Trump has apparently abdicated presidential decision making and left day-to-day operations to military commanders. Jeremy Bash discusses with Lawrence O'Donnell. watch

GOP to force vote on Trumpcare before July...

GOP to force vote on Trumpcare before July 4 recess

06/20/17 10:21PM

Mitch McConnell is expected to release a draft of the bill Thursday and force a vote next week—even as Republican senators openly admit they haven't seen the bill and don’t know what's in it. Lawrence O'Donnell discusses Ezra Klein and Sam Stein. watch


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