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Lawrence: Trump's tweets show us what he...

Lawrence: Trump's tweets show us what he cares about

10/18/17 11:07PM

President Donald Trump was silent on the death of 4 U.S. soldiers in Niger for 12 days before a question came up in the Rose Garden. Before that, there were no tweets and no mention from the president. Lawrence O'Donnell explains why Trump's silence is important. watch

Andrew Sullivan: Trump is a 'reactionary...

Andrew Sullivan: The danger of Trump's 'unhinged fantasies'

10/17/17 10:35PM

Andrew Sullivan, Writer-at-Large at New York Magazine, joins Lawrence O'Donnell to discuss his new essay, in which he says President Donald Trump has "the unhinged fantasies of a 71-year-old Fox News viewer," and react to the latest White House developments. watch

McCain on willingness to work with Trump ...

McCain on willingness to work with Trump 'dumb question'

10/17/17 10:01PM

Sen. John McCain chastised a reporter who questioned if he would continue to work with Donald Trump after criticizing him. Lawrence O'Donnell says McCain, who likely won't seek another term, has "nothing left to lose," has been freed to call out the right. watch

When Trump 'backed down' on false claim

When Trump 'backed down' on false claim

10/16/17 10:24PM

Lawrence O’Donnell talks with The Atlantic’s James Fallows and Toronto Star Washington Correspondent Daniel Dale, who says Trump has backed off several of his recent claims when challenged on them by reporters and says “this lying doesn’t have to stand.” watch

Lawrence: Pres. Trump counters 'fake news'...

Lawrence: Pres. Trump counters 'fake news' with 'fake friends'

10/16/17 10:02PM

President Trump and Mitch McConnell held a press conference to make it seem as if the two leaders get along, but a new report from Politico shows Trump and the White House are blaming all of their legislative issues on the Senate and its Majority Leader: McConnell. watch

Sen. Corker: Trump has 'publicly castrated...

Sen. Corker: Trump has 'publicly castrated' Rex Tillerson

10/13/17 10:12PM

On the day of Trump's Iran deal announcement, Senator Bob Corker says that Trump's undermining of his Secretary of State is tantamount to publicly "castrating" Rex Tillerson, who backed the deal. Ali Velshi talks with former Acting CIA Director John McLaughlin. watch

Iran Deal and 'accommodating Trump's...

Iran Deal and 'accommodating Trump's loathing'

10/13/17 10:03PM

President Donald Trump decertified the Iran deal, but kicked the big decision to Congress, after Trump reportedly "threw a fit" when his own top advisors argued for the benefits of the Iran deal. Ali Velshi discusses with Steve Clemons and Ilan Goldenberg. watch

A blunt message for 'Senor Trump'

A blunt message for 'Senor Trump' on Puerto Rico

10/12/17 10:33PM

Donald Trump started the day warning hurricane-ravaged Puerto Ricans' federal help won't last forever. In conversation with Ali Velshi and Maria Teresa Kumar, NYC Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito, who was born in Puerto Rico, shared her message for Trump. watch

Trump to cut Obamacare subsidy payments

Trump to cut Obamacare subsidy payments

10/12/17 10:22PM

The same day President Trump signs an executive order starting the process of unraveling Obamacare, he also plans to stop subsidy payments — which a Republican says is the “opposite” of expanding affordable coverage. Neera Tanden & Julie Rovner join Ali Velshi. watch

Bannon warned Trump about the 25th Amendment

Steve Bannon warned President Trump about the 25th Amendment

10/11/17 10:02PM

Vanity Fair's Gabriel Sherman joins Lawrence O'Donnell with more on his explosive report that White House aides fear Trump is "unstable" and that Steve Bannon doubts Donald Trump will finish out his term. David Frum, David Cay Johnston, & Jason Johnson also join. watch


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