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E.g., 11/18/2017
Trump ramps up Sessions attacks, but the...

Trump ramps up Sessions attacks, but the AG won't step down

07/25/17 10:23PM

Trump is still publicly berating his Attorney General, calling Sessions out for his recusal in the Russia probe and downplaying his critical primary endorsement. But a new report suggests the AG won't back down. Eugene Robinson & Ron Klain join Lawrence O'Donnell. watch

Lawrence: What McCain's health care vote...

Lawrence: What McCain's health care vote really means

07/25/17 10:05PM

Lawrence O'Donnell argues Sen. John McCain's dramatic return to the Senate and his vote to move forward with the GOP health care bill isn't a violation of his principles, but rather a signal about how he'll vote on whichever bill Mitch McConnell brings to a vote. watch

WaPo: Trump and advisers discuss firing AG...

Trump considers replacing AG Sessions with Cruz, Giuliani

07/24/17 10:22PM

The Washington Post reports Trump wants the Russia probe to end so badly he may be considering firing Jeff Sessions and appointing a new AG with a recess appointment. WaPo's Robert Costa gives the latest. Josh Barro and Richard Painter also join Lawrence O'Donnell. watch

Kushner 'inadvertently' omits 77 assets in...

Jared Kushner revises financial disclosure after 77 omissions

07/21/17 10:32PM

President Donald Trump's adviser and son-in-law Jared Kushner has released a revised financial disclosure that reveals he "inadvertently" omitted 77 of assets on his initial form. Journalist David Cay Johnston and former prosecutor Joyce Vance join Ari Melber. watch

Factions within Trump admin use intel as a...

Factions within Trump admin use intel as a political weapon

07/21/17 10:11PM

The Washington Post reports that intercepted conversations suggest Sessions discussed the Trump campaign with Russian officials during the election. Fmr. Acting CIA Director Jon McLaughlin tells Ari Melber how he'd get to the bottom of who's leaking – and why. watch

Barney Frank: What America has learned...

Barney Frank: What America has learned from Trump

07/19/17 10:47PM

Former congressman Barney Frank (D-MA) joins Lawrence O'Donnell to talk about Trumpcare, the importance of presidential leadership in passing legislation, and Trump's public attack on Attorney General Jeff Sessions. watch

Who's going to tell Trump it's over?

Who's going to tell Trump it's over?

07/19/17 10:40PM

Lawrence O'Donnell translates what Mitch McConnell told President Donald Trump today after Trump invited all Republican senators to the White House to discuss the Senate's floundering health care legislation. watch


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