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E.g., 6/24/2017
Trump: Rhetoric v. reality

Trump: Rhetoric v. reality

02/16/17 10:39PM

While Donald Trump attacked the courts again at a press conference, administration lawyers quietly indicated they are backing down and will not appeal rulings against his travel ban any further – a new executive order is being written instead. watch

Report: Flynn may have committed felony re...

Report: Flynn may have committed felony re: Russia contact

02/16/17 10:02PM

The Washington Post reports Michael Flynn may have lied to the FBI about his discussions with Russia about sanctions, but Trump is still focused on attacking the media and leakers. Ari Melber speaks with Naveed Jamali, Jack Rice, and Rick Wilson. watch

Trump aides had repeated contact with...

Trump aides had repeated contact with Russian intel

02/14/17 11:03PM

New evidence reveals Trump campaign aides and other associates spoke with Russian intelligence officials repeatedly in the year before the election. Mark Mazzetti, the New York Times reporter who broke the story, joins Joy Reid. watch

Malcolm Nance: Trump aides 'need to start...

Malcolm Nance: Trump aides 'need to start getting lawyers'

02/14/17 10:32PM

New reports say Trump campaign aides had contact with Russian intel officials during the campaign. Joy Reid talks to former intel analysts Nada Bakos and Malcolm Nance – who says anyone who contacted Russia should be worried because of the FISA warrant granted. watch

Trump and Trudeau talk women - but how...

Trump and Trudeau talk women - but how will Trump act?

02/13/17 10:45PM

President Trump and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau create a new coalition to help women in the workplace. But do Donald Trump's words match his actions or his Cabinet's record? MSNBC's Joy Reid discusses with Zerlina Maxwell and Indira Lakshmanan. watch

What Stephen Miller's warnings say about...

What Stephen Miller's warnings say about Trump's presidency

02/13/17 10:30PM

Stephen Miller declared "the powers of the president... will not be questioned." Joy Reid talks to fmr. Florida GOP Rep. David Jolly, who says "Trump is a narcissist who likes the loyalty," about how Trump's staff reflects how seriously he is taking the presidency. watch

Did the White House ignore blackmail...

Did the White House ignore blackmail warning about Flynn?

02/13/17 10:02PM

Reports suggest Trump's White House was warned by the DOJ & CIA that Nat'l Security Adviser Michael Flynn may be susceptible to Russian blackmailing, putting his future in the admin. into question. Indira Lakshmanan, John Schindler and John Harwood join Joy Reid. watch

GOP feeling pressure to counter Trump

GOP feeling pressure to counter Trump

02/10/17 10:56PM

Republican members of Congress are feeling the pressure to take on Donald Trump over his business conflicts and over policies like Obamacare. Jonathan Allen, Hunter Walker, and Erin Gloria Ryan join Ari Melber. watch

Report: Conflicts and distrust inside...

Report: Conflicts and distrust inside Trump White House

02/10/17 10:20PM

Does Donald Trump already dislike being president? He may dislike some of the complicated aspects of governing according to a new report. The Trump team is also looking to quell leaks. POLITICO's Ken Vogel and GOP strategist Rick Wilson discuss with Ari Melber. watch

Call for FBI investigation into Trump Nat...

Call for FBI investigation into Trump Nat'l Security Advisor

02/10/17 10:02PM

New reports say Trump's National Security Advisor Michael Flynn spoke with Russia's ambassadors about sanctions before Trump took office - contradicting what members of the Trump admin. have said. Ari Melber discusses with Rick Stengel, Colin Kahl, and Rick Wilson. watch

Kellyanne Conway may face a federal ethics...

Kellyanne Conway may face a federal ethics inquiry

02/09/17 10:43PM

In a rare bipartisan move, Republicans and Democrats have united to condemn remarks made by Kellyanne Conway that appear to violate ethics regulations. Now the House Oversight Committee is demanding an investigation. Norm Eisen and Paul Butler join Ari Melber. watch


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