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Lawrence: Trump still hasn't apologized to...

Lawrence: Donald Trump still hasn't apologized to 9/11 families

09/11/17 11:17PM

Donald Trump participated in his first 9/11 memorial ceremony as president. Lawrence O'Donnell talks to Kurt Andersen about how Trump evoked the tragedy on the campaign trail, including his use of it "as a political sledgehammer in a Republican presidential debate." watch

Mueller's Russia investigation targets...

Mueller's Russia investigation targets Trump inner circle

09/08/17 10:30PM

A new report says Robert Mueller wants to interview at least 6 current and former White House aides including a Trump confidant in the investigation into possible campaign collusion with Russia. Ali Velshi discusses with Betsy Woodruff & Jill Wine-Banks. watch

Pelosi further irks conservatives with a...

Nancy Pelosi dictates President Trump's tweet

09/07/17 10:31PM

After infuriating Republicans by siding with Democrats in debt ceiling negotiations, Donald Trump took Nancy Pelosi's advice that he should tweet a message of reassurance to "Dreamers." Jonathan Capehart and Ron Klain join Lawrence O'Donnell. watch

Amidst hurricane, Trump Jr. puts admin in...

Amidst hurricane, Trump Jr. puts admin in its own crisis

09/07/17 10:07PM

Donald Trump Jr. faced 5 hours of questioning from Senate investigators, mostly about his infamous June 2016 meeting with Russian nationals. Mieke Eoyang and Ron Klain say this questioning is only the beginning of Trump Jr.'s troubles as the Russian probes widen. watch

Lawrence: Hurricanes show gov't is...

Lawrence: Hurricanes show gov't is critical in times of crisis

09/07/17 10:02PM

Republicans have, in recent decades, attacked government and its most basic functions and even voted to cut funding for emergency services. But Lawrence O'Donnell says during disasters like Hurricanes Irma & Harvey, nothing can replace government's ability to help. watch

George Will: Trump is consistent – on...

George Will: Trump is consistent – on backing Trump

09/06/17 11:13PM

Republicans gasped when Trump took the Democrats' debt deal and Steve Bannon and the House Freedom Caucus chair have reportedly discussed who could replace Paul Ryan as Speaker of the House. Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist George F. Will joins Lawrence O'Donnell. watch

Trump creates new problems for his own GOP...

Trump creates new problems for his own GOP agenda

09/06/17 10:11PM

Sen. Harry Reid's former Chief of Staff, Adam Jentleson, and New York Times columnist David Leonhardt join Lawrence O'Donnell to discuss how Donald Trump's cave to Democratic demands will create future problems for Trump, Ryan, and McConnell. watch

Sen. Kamala Harris: Passing DREAM Act ...

Sen. Kamala Harris: Passing DREAM Act 'right thing to do'

09/05/17 10:43PM

Sen. Kamala Harris, who represents the state with the most Dreamers, reacts exclusively to President Trump's DACA decision. Lawrence O'Donnell also asks Sen. Harris about her recent support for Bernie Sanders' single-payer bill and what that may say about 2020. watch


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