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Trump & 'aid and comfort to the racists'

Trump & 'aid and comfort to the racists'

01/16/17 10:02PM

Lawrence explains how Martin Luther King Jr.'s comments about 1964 GOP presidential nominee Barry Goldwater apply in the era of Donald Trump, who is currently feuding with civil rights hero Rep. John Lewis. Lawrence discusses with Jonathan Capehart and Mark Thompson. watch

John Lewis calls Trump an illegitimate...

John Lewis calls Trump an illegitimate president

01/13/17 10:22PM

Civil rights icon and congressman John Lewis says he doesn’t see Donald Trump as a legitimate president. In what may be a first, Trump and his team did not lash back on Friday. Lawrence has a theory on why that is. David Corn and Charlie Pierce join to discuss. watch

Senate to investigate Russian election...

Senate to investigate Russian election interference

01/13/17 10:02PM

The Senate Intelligence Committee announced it will investigate Russia's interference in the election. Plus, new details on the spy who wrote the controversial Trump dossier. David Corn, who interviewed the spy, Jeremy Bash, and Amb. Michael McFaul join Lawrence. watch

Trump slides in poll, even among Trump voters

Trump slides in poll, even among Trump voters

01/12/17 11:18PM

Most presidents-elect ride to Inauguration Day with higher poll numbers than Donald Trump, who is sliding even before being sworn in. A new Quinnipiac poll shows majorities of Americans don't think he will govern well. Joan Walsh and Charlie Sykes join Lawrence. watch

Republicans could get stuck on Obamacare...

Republicans could get stuck on Obamacare repeal

01/11/17 10:51PM

There is a chance Republicans will be unable to agree on a repeal and a replacement for Obamacare because a new plan could harm many senators' constituents, meaning life or death for some with coverage. Ana Marie Cox and Kurt Anderson discuss. watch

Experts on Trump's proposed business plan:...

Experts on Trump's proposed business plan: Not good enough

01/11/17 10:39PM

The president-elect unveiled his plan to leave his business while in office. But he's not divesting completely and experts say the plan to have his sons run the company won't resolve potential conflicts of interest. David Cay Johnston and Ron Klain join Lawrence. watch

Intel director talks to Trump about dossier

Intel director talks to Trump about dossier

01/11/17 10:15PM

After Trump accused intelligence operatives of leaking information about Russia briefings, DNI James Clapper told Trump the dossier about a Russia blackmail plot wasn't from them. Lawrence discusses with Malcolm Nance, David Frum, and John Schindler. watch

60-year inauguration announcer Trump...

Announcer Trump replaced shares memories

01/09/17 11:02PM

Charlie Brotman, the long-time presidential inaugural parade announcer who was recently dropped by the Trump team, tells Joy about his two favorite inaugural parades that he announced. watch


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