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Trump's most damaging tweet

Trump's most damaging tweet

03/31/17 10:58PM

Watch how Donald Trump's early-morning tweet about Pres. Obama tapping his "wires" has evolved into a scandal that's consumed the Trump White House, the House Intelligence Committee and even Speaker Paul Ryan. Joy Reid discusses with Nick Kristof and Rick Wilson. watch

The joke's on Trump

The joke's on Trump

03/31/17 10:56PM

Joy Reid shows how Donald Trump is a "duffer." Plus, late night hosts pulled no punches with their Donald Trump punchlines. watch

Intel Committees reject Flynn immunity...

Intel Committees reject Flynn immunity request

03/31/17 10:02PM

The Senate and House Intel Committees rejected Flynn's request for immunity in exchange for testifying. Plus, Rep. Adam Schiff intimates that Chairman Devin Nunes overreacted to classified docs he saw at the W.H. Michael Isikoff, David Corn & Tim Mak join Joy Reid. watch

Senate Intel Committee stands up to Trump

Senate Intel Committee stands up to Trump

03/30/17 10:20PM

With House Intel Chairman (and fmr. Trump transition member) Devin Nunes under fire, the Senate Intel Committee is pushing hard in its investigation into Russian interference and making clear it doesn't "work for" Trump. Adam Jentleson & David Corn join Joy Reid. watch

Report: Comey wanted to reveal Russian...

Report: Comey wanted to reveal Russian tampering

03/29/17 10:36PM

Newsweek reports FBI director James Comey wanted to go public with information about Russia's interference in the presidential election as early as summer 2016. Newsweek senior writer Max Kutner joins Lawrence O'Donnell. watch

Could House Intel Chairman Nunes be...

Could House Intel Chairman Nunes be subject to investigation?

03/29/17 10:21PM

After mentioning that he viewed FISA warrants, House Intelligence Chair Devin Nunes may have breached a House ethics rule, leaving him open to investigation and a former CIA analyst gives White House staff step-by-step instructions on how to check who let Nunes into the White House last week. watch

Why the Senate Russia Probe is trouble for...

Why the Senate Russia Probe is trouble for Trump

03/29/17 10:03PM

Unlike the House Intelligence committee’s Russia investigation that was thrown into chaos by its chairman, the Senate investigation is being taken very seriously by the Republican Chairman and Democratic Vice-Chairman. watch

Bill Nye on Trump's climate orders: 'Clean...

Bill Nye on Trump's climate orders: 'Clean coal is a myth'

03/28/17 10:52PM

Bill Nye the Science Guy joins Lawrence O'Donnell to react to Trump's rollback of Obama climate change rules, Spicer's non-answer about whether the president still believes climate change is a hoax, and the Trump budget's proposed cuts to U.S. science agencies. watch

Fmr. CIA Acting Director on Nunes: 'It...

Fmr. CIA Acting Director on Nunes: 'It feels like a cover-up'

03/28/17 10:02PM

House Intelligence Cmte Chair Devin Nunes refuses to recuse himself in the Russian investigation or reveal his source, even to members of the committee. Fmr. acting CIA director John McLaughlin and fmr. CIA Chief of Staff Jeremey Bash join Lawrence O'Donnell. watch

Rep. Ted Lieu explains why he called Trump...

Rep. Ted Lieu explains why he called Trump an 'evil man'

03/27/17 10:34PM

California Democrat Rep. Ted Lieu tells Lawrence O'Donnell that President Trump is violating his oath of office when he says he will let Obamacare "explode." Rep. Lieu also shares what he thinks about White House chief strategist, Steve Bannon. watch

New Trump tweet blames failure on GOP...

New Trump tweet blames failure on GOP Freedom Caucus

03/27/17 10:21PM

Donald Trump has focused his anger on a group of House Republicans that he needs on his side in order to pass future legislation. Washington Post columnist George F. Will, who predicted the Freedom Caucus would cause headaches for Trump, joins Lawrence O'Donnell. watch


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