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The Trump admin's incoherent foreign policy

The Trump admin's incoherent foreign policy

04/10/17 10:03PM

Mixed messages from admin officials on foreign policy objectives in Syria confound experts. The Trump administration's Syrian missile attack has made working with Russia almost impossible for now. Steve Clemons, Malcolm Nance and Joan Walsh join Lawrence O'Donnell. watch

Pentagon investigating Russia's role in...

Pentagon investigating Russia's role in Syrian chemical attack

04/07/17 10:23PM

Russian President Vladimir Putin called the Trump admin's Syrian airstrikes an "act of aggression" that will affect Russian-American relations. Tom Nichols & David Filipov join Lawrence O'Donnell to discuss Putin's ties to Assad and his motivations in the region. watch

The consequences of no one believing what...

The consequences of no one believing what Trump says

04/05/17 10:04PM

Lawrence O'Donnell says Donald Trump is unprepared and lost on Syria and so is his Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson. Max Boot says that under Trump, not even the President necessarily speaks for U.S. policy. David Corn joins. watch

Advertisers dump O'Reilly amid sexual...

Advertisers dump O'Reilly amid sexual harassment allegations

04/04/17 10:49PM

More than a dozen companies pull advertising from Fox News' "The O'Reilly Factor" but Bill O'Reilly remains silent on the issue. Lawrence O'Donnell talks to Gabriel Sherman, who literally wrote the book on Fox News, about what may be next for Fox News and O'Reilly. watch

Lawrence to Bill O'Reilly: Sue me too

Lawrence to Bill O'Reilly: Sue me too

04/04/17 10:42PM

Lawrence O'Donnell speaks out about allegations of sexual harassment against Fox News' Bill O'Reilly and Roger Ailes, telling viewers what they can do to send a direct message to O'Reilly after his attorneys threatened a defamation suit against one of his accusers. watch

Trump tweets can't stop Russia stories

Trump tweets can't stop Russia stories

04/03/17 11:52PM

As Donald Trump tries to deflect on Twitter, two new stories detail ties between Trump world and Russia – and in one case, an actual Russian spy. David Corn and Ned Price join Lawrence O'Donnell. watch

New sexual harassment allegations roil Fox...

New sexual harassment allegations roil Fox News

04/03/17 11:36PM

Fox News is facing a new lawsuit against fmr. chairman Roger Ailes and "The O'Reilly Factor" loses a major advertiser after a report Fox News paid $13 million to settle harassment claims against Bill O'Reilly. Nancy Giles & Erin Gloria Ryan join Lawrence O'Donnell. watch

Trump's most damaging tweet

Trump's most damaging tweet

03/31/17 10:58PM

Watch how Donald Trump's early-morning tweet about Pres. Obama tapping his "wires" has evolved into a scandal that's consumed the Trump White House, the House Intelligence Committee and even Speaker Paul Ryan. Joy Reid discusses with Nick Kristof and Rick Wilson. watch

The joke's on Trump

The joke's on Trump

03/31/17 10:56PM

Joy Reid shows how Donald Trump is a "duffer." Plus, late night hosts pulled no punches with their Donald Trump punchlines. watch

Intel Committees reject Flynn immunity...

Intel Committees reject Flynn immunity request

03/31/17 10:02PM

The Senate and House Intel Committees rejected Flynn's request for immunity in exchange for testifying. Plus, Rep. Adam Schiff intimates that Chairman Devin Nunes overreacted to classified docs he saw at the W.H. Michael Isikoff, David Corn & Tim Mak join Joy Reid. watch

Senate Intel Committee stands up to Trump

Senate Intel Committee stands up to Trump

03/30/17 10:20PM

With House Intel Chairman (and fmr. Trump transition member) Devin Nunes under fire, the Senate Intel Committee is pushing hard in its investigation into Russian interference and making clear it doesn't "work for" Trump. Adam Jentleson & David Corn join Joy Reid. watch


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