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Lawrence gives thanks for your KIND-ness

Lawrence gives thanks for your KIND-ness

12/19/16 10:43PM

Over the weekend, the KIND Fund had what could be its best weekend of fundraising ever after Lawrence shared a thank you note written by a girl who is now in high school because of your generous contributions. watch

Deadly Attacks Rock Turkey, Germany

Deadly Attacks Rock Turkey, Germany

12/19/16 10:01PM

A truck rammed a crowded Christmas market in Berlin hours after the Russian Ambassador to Turkey was assassinated by a gunman invoking Aleppo. NBC News' Ayman Mohyeldin, counterterror expert Malcolm Nance, and Russia expert Nina Khrushcheva join Lawrence. watch

How can U.S. fight cyber attacks?

How can U.S. fight cyber attacks?

12/16/16 10:33PM

Pres. Obama vowed to respond after the U.S. intelligence community says Russian hacks interfered in the 2016 election. MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell speaks to a former director of U.S. CyberCommand. watch

Trump’s unforgivable birtherism continues

Trump’s unforgivable birtherism continues

12/16/16 01:54AM

Trump’s favorite sheriff, Joe Arpaio, held another news event to claim President Obama was not born in the USA. Birtherism began Trump’s political campaign and Lawrence O’Donnell says his lack of apology is unforgivable. Eugene Robinson joins Lawrence. watch

State Attorneys General: We're ready to...

State Attorneys General: We’re ready to fight Trump

12/15/16 10:30PM

New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman joins Lawrence O'Donnell to discuss The New York Times report that he and other Attorneys General are ready to sue Donald Trump if he tries to implement policies that violate the Constitution. watch

Obama vows action against Russia

Obama vows action against Russia

12/15/16 10:21PM

President Obama said Thursday "we need to take action and we will" against Russia for interference in the election. Russian pro-democracy leader and famed chess champion Garry Kasparov joins Lawrence, saying he doesn't need "intel" to verify Putin's nefarious role. watch

Cecile Richards on Obama's move to protect...

Cecile Richards on Obama's move to protect Planned Parenthood

12/14/16 10:39PM

Planned Parenthood’s Cecile Richards joins Lawrence exclusively to react to a new rule that will bar states from withholding federal funds from health clinics that provide abortions. The regulation will go into effect just 48 hours before Trump's inauguration. watch

Exclusive: Putin tied to election hack

Exclusive: Putin tied to election hack

12/14/16 10:31PM

NBC News exclusively reports Vladimir Putin personally directed how Russia used hacked material to influence the election, according to U.S. intelligence officials. NBC News' Ken Dilanian & Sen. Gary Peters (D-MI) of the Homeland Security Committee join Lawrence. watch

Report: Trump's business interests...

Report: Trump's business interests endanger U.S.

12/13/16 10:24PM

Newsweek reports Trump's international holdings are putting U.S. interests in jeopardy as foreign governments, especially Turkey & the Philippines, are already seeing ways to exploit them as a weakness for Trump. Kurt Eichenwald broke the story and joins Lawrence. watch


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