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Pres. Trump may be John Kelly’s biggest...

Pres. Trump may be John Kelly’s biggest problem

07/31/17 10:09PM

John Kelly is already making changes in the White House but as Max Boot says, the President could be the insolvable problem inside the West Wing. Max Boot, Jeremy Bash and White House Chief of Staff expert Chris Whipple join Lawrence. watch

White House Chief Of Staff’s next...

White House Chief Of Staff’s next important test

07/31/17 10:02PM

As Lawrence predicted, Gen. John Kelly would have to make an immediate decision on Anthony Scaramucci’s role in the White House but there are still many more tests ahead like who to allow to see the President and who else should be removed from the West Wing. watch

Lawrence: Priebus exit ends Trump's worst...

Lawrence: Priebus exit ends President Trump's worst week yet

07/28/17 10:02PM

New Chief of Staff John Kelly will have to wrangle a man Eugene Robinson calls 'Mad King Donald' and his a mediocre staff if he's to be at all effective. Will even Kelly end up a casualty of Trump? Robinson, Peter Wehner, and Chris Whipple join Lawrence O'Donnell. watch

Earnest: Scaramucci himself is a problem...

Earnest: Scaramucci himself is a problem for White House

07/27/17 10:18PM

Obama Press Secretary Josh Earnest and Bush speechwriter David Frum join Lawrence O'Donnell to explain the deficiencies of the Trump communications team and how Anthony Scaramucci is not only ill-suited to his new role, but also doing far more harm than good. watch

Lawrence: Scaramucci a pass-fail moment...

Lawrence: Scaramucci a pass-fail moment for Trump's judgment

07/27/17 10:04PM

Before even officially becoming Communications Director, Anthony Scaramucci went on a threatening, vulgar tirade, attacking fellow White House aides and "leakers." Lawrence O'Donnell argues this is a test—if Trump keeps Scaramucci, his presidency may never recover. watch

Lawrence: Trump's erratic decisions lead...

Lawrence: Trump's erratic decisions lead to bad consequences

07/26/17 10:24PM

Trump's tweets about a transgender military ban caught the Pentagon and Republicans off guard. His snap decisions — like firing James Comey and calling the health care plan "mean" — tend to come back to bite him. Ana Marie Cox and Max Boot join Lawrence O'Donnell. watch

WaPo: Trump may replace AG Sessions during...

WaPo: Trump may replace AG Sessions during Senate recess

07/26/17 10:11PM

The Washington Post reports Donald Trump is considering replacing AG Jeff Sessions with a recess appointment. Could he actually make that happen? What would the ramifications be if he tried? John Heilemann, Max Boot, and Mieke Eoyang join Lawrence O'Donnell. watch

Trump ramps up Sessions attacks, but the...

Trump ramps up Sessions attacks, but the AG won't step down

07/25/17 10:23PM

Trump is still publicly berating his Attorney General, calling Sessions out for his recusal in the Russia probe and downplaying his critical primary endorsement. But a new report suggests the AG won't back down. Eugene Robinson & Ron Klain join Lawrence O'Donnell. watch

Lawrence: What McCain's health care vote...

Lawrence: What McCain's health care vote really means

07/25/17 10:05PM

Lawrence O'Donnell argues Sen. John McCain's dramatic return to the Senate and his vote to move forward with the GOP health care bill isn't a violation of his principles, but rather a signal about how he'll vote on whichever bill Mitch McConnell brings to a vote. watch


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