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E.g., 7/17/2018
Trump fully endorses Roy Moore at Florida rally

President Trump fully endorses Roy Moore at Florida rally

12/08/17 11:11PM

Donald Trump urged Alabamians to vote for accused child molester Roy Moore in Tuesday's special election, saying the GOP can't afford to lose a Senate seat. Max Boot says the "once-great" GOP has entered the state of "moral oblivion." Joyce Vance also joins. watch

California Republicans backed tax bill...

California Republicans backed tax bill that hurts fire victims

12/07/17 11:23PM

In a first, the threat to Los Angeles is "purple," meaning extreme danger that fires erupt and burn uncontrollably. 11 CA Republicans actually voted to eliminate the deduction for fires and earthquakes but keep the benefit for hurricanes. NBC's Jay Gray reports. watch

Swalwell: Trump Jr.'s attorney-client...

Swalwell: Trump Jr.'s attorney-client privilege claim 'bogus'

12/06/17 11:17PM

House Intelligence member Eric Swalwell says Donald Trump Junior's attempt to claim attorney-client privilege regarding conversations with his father has no merit. Swalwell says only the Trumps would try a trick like this to get out of answering tough questions. watch

Trump W.H. grilled over reported plan for...

Trump W.H. grilled over reported plan for private spy network

12/05/17 11:20PM

The Intercept reports the White House is considering creating "a global, private spy network" to report directly to Trump and Mike Pompeo to circumvent Trump's perceived "deep state" enemies. Investigative reporter Matthew Cole & fmr. CIA analyst Ned Price join. watch

Mueller's latest move and Trump's 'red line'

Mueller's latest move and Trump's 'red line'

12/05/17 11:13PM

Several news outlets report Mueller's team has subpoenaed Deutsche Bank for records related to Trump, but the president previously said Mueller probing his finances would cross a "red line." Jill Wine-Banks, David Cay Johnston & Ron Klain join Lawrence O'Donnell. watch

Boot: “No innocent explanation” for Trump...

Boot: “No innocent explanation” for Trump world Russia contacts

12/04/17 11:19PM

Max Boot and former Chief of Staff to FBI director James Comey, Chuck Rosenberg, react to a new alleged contact between Paul Manafort and a Russian with ties to Russian intelligence services and new emails obtained by the New York Times that show members of the Trump team knew Michael Flynn would be speaking to the Russian ambassador about... watch

How will Michael Flynn's guilty plea...

How will Michael Flynn's guilty plea affect the Trump family?

12/01/17 11:20PM

Robert Mueller is one step closer to Trump's inner circle after Michael Flynn pleaded guilty in the Russia probe. So who in Trump’s world has the most to worry about with Michael Flynn’s testimony? Lawrence O’Donnell discusses with David Frum, Barbara McQuade, & Ken Dilanian. watch

Fmr. GOP Treasury official: Tax cut bill...

Fmr. GOP Treasury official: Tax cut bill makes no sense

11/30/17 11:16PM

Bruce Bartlett, who worked in the Reagan Treasury Dept., says Republicans are cutting taxes as if it's a game of golf: just trying to get to the lowest number possible without thinking of the impact on the deficit or the middle class. John Heilemann also joins. watch


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