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Bannon warned Trump about the 25th Amendment

Steve Bannon warned President Trump about the 25th Amendment

10/11/17 10:02PM

Vanity Fair's Gabriel Sherman joins Lawrence O'Donnell with more on his explosive report that White House aides fear Trump is "unstable" and that Steve Bannon doubts Donald Trump will finish out his term. David Frum, David Cay Johnston, & Jason Johnson also join. watch

Weinstein Company: Allegations 'an utter...

Weinstein Company: Allegations 'an utter surprise' to board

10/10/17 10:56PM

What's left of The Weinstein Company board of directors calls Harvey Weinstein's alleged actions "antithetical to human decency." Late Tuesday they said any suggestion they were aware of it is "false." Rachel Maddow & Lawrence O'Donnell react to the breaking news. watch

Steve Bannon's strategy is 'maximum chaos'...

Steve Bannon's strategy is 'maximum chaos' in 2018

10/09/17 10:39PM

Conservative commentators Jennifer Rubin and Charlie Sykes talk to Lawrence O'Donnell about Bob Corker's criticism of President Trump and what Sykes calls Steve Bannon's plan to "maximize chaos" by backing primary challengers to GOP senators up in 2018. watch

Kristof on Trump-Corker: 'This is...

Kristof on Trump-Corker: 'This is humiliating for our country'

10/09/17 10:15PM

New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof says Trump's feud with Bob Corker is further damaging our nation's credibility and that Corker is seen as the "grown-up" in the feud, while Trump is seen as "the child." Lawrence O'Donnell also discusses with Ezra Klein. watch

Lawrence: Bob Corker has beaten Trump into...

Lawrence: Bob Corker has beaten Trump into a corner

10/09/17 10:03PM

Lawrence O'Donnell looks at the play-by-play of President Donald Trump's attack on Sen. Bob Corker and Corker's response – and how Donald Trump proved Corker's point that Trump acts like the presidency is "a reality show." watch

Trump says cryptically 'it's the calm...

Trump says cryptically 'it's the calm before the storm'

10/05/17 10:07PM

Amid an NBC News report Donald Trump was furious when he heard Secretary of State Rex Tillerson called him a "moron," the president made cryptic comments after a meeting with military generals. Josh Earnest, Ron Klain and Jennifer Rubin join Lawrence O'Donnell. watch


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