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E.g., 4/20/2018
Lawrence: Trump doesn't know that...

Lawrence: Trump doesn't know that Pocahontas is a hero

11/28/17 10:58PM

Native American groups called Trump's "Pocahontas" comments on Elizabeth Warren racist but said it could be a teachable moment. Lawrence O’Donnell shares the real story of Pocahontas as told by early colonists & how her tribe used the name to protect her from harm. watch

Making a difference in Malawi, one wooden desk at a time

11/28/17 02:34PM

I started the KIND Fund when MSNBC launched The Last Word in 2010 because I wanted the show to be more than just talk.  I wanted to do something good, something important that I could not do without the show.   I decided to bring the story of life in African schools to my audience and offer MSNBC viewers a chance to help. On my first trip to... read more

An easy way to give on #GivingTuesday

An easy way to give on #GivingTuesday

11/27/17 11:23PM

For the 4th year in a row, MSNBC is the signature media partner for #GivingTuesday and The Last Word is making that easy for you with the #KIND Fund; Kids In Need of Desks. Check out watch

Gracious Navajo vets sidelined by Trump...

Gracious Navajo vets sidelined by Trump attacks

11/27/17 11:20PM

In a special ‘Rewrite,’ Lawrence argues that President Trump’s name-calling attack on Sen. Elizabeth Warren distracted from the bravery and graciousness of the ‘Navajo Code Talkers’ visit to the White House. watch

Dan Rather on lies in the Trump Era

Dan Rather on lies in the Trump Era

11/27/17 11:18PM

Dan Rather takes a hopeful tone in his new book that finds ways America is united even in the face of deceit and division of the Trump era. Rather joins Lawrence O’Donnell. watch

Barney Frank on Trump chaos at Consumer...

Barney Frank on Trump chaos at Consumer Bureau

11/27/17 11:16PM

Barney Frank was a co-author of the Dodd-Frank bill that created the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau and says the chaos Trump is causing helps big companies against consumers. Fmr. Rep. Barney Frank joins Lawrence. watch

Trump and “The Nationalist’s Delusion”

Trump and “The Nationalist’s Delusion”

11/22/17 11:22PM

In what Lawrence calls “mandatory reading” on the election of Donald Trump, The Atlantic's Adam Serwer writes “a majority of white voters backed a candidate who assured them that they will never have to share this country with people of color as equals.” Lawrence discusses with Serwer and Eugene Robinson. watch

New GOP Sex Scandal as Republicans Grapple...

New GOP Sex Scandal as Republicans Grapple with Roy Moore

11/22/17 10:37PM

The Washington Post reports that U.S. Rep. Joe Barton (R-TX) threatened to report a woman he had an affair with to the Capitol Police if she exposed his secret sex life. And Republican strategist Tim Miller also explains how Roy Moore caused him to make his first donation ever to a Democrat's campaign. Indira Lakshmanan and David Jolly join... watch

Lawrence Summers on Trump’s “Nonsense” Tax...

Lawrence Summers on Trump’s “Nonsense” Tax Numbers

11/22/17 05:53PM

Former Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers joins Lawrence to dissect the Trump-Republican tax plan and explain why there is “nothing” to support the promises and predictions from the White House about the tax cuts’ effect on the national debt and Americans paychecks. watch

How’s Your Trump-Voting Uncle Doing This...

How’s Your Trump-Voting Uncle Doing This Year?

11/22/17 05:38PM

The political conversation around Thanksgiving tables probably looked a lot different this year than in 2016. Lawrence recaps all that’s happened since Donald Trump was elected- and since the Resistance mobilized to stop him from realizing his worst campaign promises. Ezra Klein and Steve Schmidt join. watch

Lawrence Summers on Trump Tax Cuts

Lawrence Summers on Trump Tax Cuts

11/21/17 11:35PM

Lawrence O’Donnell speaks with former Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers about how the Trump-Republican bill violates all of Ronald Reagan’s principles for tax reform and the underreported “vindictive attack” in the tax bill. watch

New Report: Trump “vented about” and ...

New Report: Trump “vented about” and “doubted” Roy Moore accusers

11/21/17 11:30PM

President Trump, who is himself accused of sexual assault, broke his silence on Roy Moore today, suggesting electing a Democrat is worse than electing an accused child molester to the U.S. Senate as a new report says Trump has privately doubted Moore’s accusers. Christina Bellantoni, Ana Marie Cox, and Charlie Sykes join Lawrence to discuss. watch

Wave of sexual harassment and assault...

Wave of sexual harassment and assault allegations in Congress...

11/21/17 11:14PM

Lawrence explains how men in our male-dominated society have learned nothing from past sex scandals, but there will continue to be courageous women who come forward to tell their stories. Journalists Betsy Woodruff and Ana Marie Cox share their own personal experiences and analysis of current events. watch

Report: McMaster called Trump an "idiot"...

Report: McMaster called Trump an "idiot" at a private dinner

11/20/17 11:30PM

BuzzFeed reports that National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster called Trump a "dope" with the intelligence of a "kindergartner" during a dinner in July with the CEO of Oracle. But there are concerns that the report may have been pushed out by Trump supporters who are looking to push McMaster out of the White House. Lawrence... watch


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