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Russia's goal in Trump team meetings

Russia's goal in Trump team meetings

03/03/17 10:25PM

The Trump administration admits that more members met with Russian officials but what is Russia trying to get from these meetings? Former CIA operative Evan McMullin and Russia expert Adrian Karatnycky discuss. watch

Lawrence: Jeff Sessions is making himself...

Lawrence: Jeff Sessions is making himself look guilty

03/03/17 10:04PM

Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-IA) are trying to protect Sessions from answering Democrats' demands for answers but they could be making Sessions look guilty. Lawrence O'Donnell examines. watch

Trump: 'Total' confidence in Sessions ...

Trump: 'Total' confidence in Sessions (just like Flynn)

03/02/17 11:06PM

Donald Trump says he has total confidence in Jeff Sessions. What does that mean? Ask Michael Flynn, who was forced to resign hours after the Trump White House made similar assurances. Lawrence discusses with Neera Tanden and David Corn. watch

Did Donald Trump just sink Jeff Sessions?

Did Donald Trump just sink Jeff Sessions?

03/02/17 10:02PM

Did Sessions lie under oath to the Senate about his contact with Russian officials? Lawrence says Trump's "politically hysterical" defense of Sessions won't help his AG in a perjury investigation. watch

Remembering actor Bill Paxton

Remembering actor Bill Paxton

02/27/17 10:51PM

'Big Love' and Hollywood blockbuster actor Bill Paxton has passed away at 61. Lawrence O'Donnell recalls one of Paxton's childhood stories and pays tribute to the actor's "big love" for his colleagues and his craft. watch

Republican admits the resistance is working

Republican admits the resistance is working

02/24/17 10:55PM

Republican lawmaker admits the GOP-led Congress may not "be able to repeal Obamacare" because of pressure from constituents at town halls and protests. Ari Melber discusses with Nancy Giles, Christina Greer and Erin Gloria Ryan. watch

New leaked DHS report discredits Trump...

New leaked DHS report discredits Trump travel ban

02/24/17 10:02PM

The AP reports a Dept. of Homeland Security intelligence report for Donald Trump "challenges Trump's core claims" of the controversial (and blocked) travel ban against 7 Muslim-majority nations. Nicholas Kristof, Indira Lakshmanan and Malcolm Nance join Ari Melber. watch

Trump's mental health: 'The elephant in...

Trump's mental health: 'The elephant in the room'

02/23/17 10:48PM

As psychologists and psychiatrists continue to warn about President Trump's mental health, the Columbia Journalism Review called Trump's mental health "the elephant in the room. Lee Siegel, who wrote the CJR column, and Dr. Lance Dodes join Lawrence. watch

The most powerful person in the Trump...

The most powerful person in the Trump White House

02/23/17 10:02PM

Lawrence explains why Donald Trump's Chief Strategist, Steve Bannon, proved he's the real power center of the Trump White House with his appearance at CPAC. Lawrence discusses the Bannon vision with David Corn and Christopher Dickey. watch

Mental health experts say Trump is unfit...

Mental health experts say Trump is unfit to serve

02/21/17 10:49PM

Some psychologists and psychiatrists are speaking out about Trump because of a duty to warn. Lawrence talks to two experts with this view: Dr. Lance Dodes and Dr. John Gartner, whose online petition of mental health professionals has more than 26,000 signatures. watch

The GOP's conversion to a 'political...

The GOP's conversion to a 'political sociopath'

02/21/17 10:18PM

Conservative commentator George F. Will left Fox News and the Republican Party over his views of Trump – who he has called a "political sociopath" (and much more). Will joins Lawrence O'Donnell to discuss why intellectual conservatism and Trumpism are incompatible. watch


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