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'Democrats' taking over the Trump White...

'Democrats' taking over the Trump White House?

04/14/17 10:34PM

Steve Bannon reportedly called Jared Kushner a "Democrat" but now Ivanka Trump, Kushner, and two former Goldman Sachs execs are reportedly growing their influence ahead of Steve Bannon. Betsey Woodruff, David Horsey and Charlie Pierce join Ari Melber. watch

Trump considers more military action after...

Trump considers more military action after domestic losses

04/14/17 10:00PM

President Donald Trump has suffered political setbacks domestically, but has the administration started to learn that some consider military action a win? And what’s happening with North Korea? Amb. Marc Gingsberg, Betsy Woodruff, and David Horsey join Ari Melber. watch

Meet the Democrat leading in a red GA...

Meet the Democrat leading in a red GA district special election

04/13/17 10:49PM

Lawrence O'Donnell talks to Democrat Jon Ossoff, a 30-year-old, first-time candidate who has raised $8.3M and is currently leading in Georgia's 6th district special election. Ossoff explains why he thinks he’ll win despite Republicans holding the seat for 38 years. watch

Trump admin drops bomb as new Russia story...

Trump admin drops bomb as new Russia story breaks

04/13/17 10:03PM

The Trump administration dropped a bomb that the Obama and Bush administrations refrained from using as new ties between Trump associates and Russian agents are reported. Malcolm Nance, David Corn, and David Frum join Lawrence O'Donnell. watch

Did Bill O'Reilly just speak his last...

Did Bill O'Reilly just speak his last words on Fox News?

04/11/17 10:52PM

Bill O'Reilly is off the air for Easter "vacation," but Gabe Sherman reports the Murdochs are fighting over O'Reilly's future. Attorney Lisa Bloom, who is calling on New York state to investigate sexual harassment claims at Fox News, also joins Lawrence O'Donnell. watch

Trump turning on Steve Bannon?

Trump turning on Steve Bannon?

04/11/17 10:43PM

Donald Trump downplayed Steve Bannon's role in his 2016 victory in comments to the New York Post amid reports of a power struggle with Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner. Lawrence O'Donnell discusses with Rick Wilson. watch

The world tests Trump

The world tests Trump

04/11/17 10:23PM

Trump hasn't even reached day 100 in office and tensions are already escalating between the U.S. and Russia, Syria, and North Korea – and no one seems to know what the Trump Doctrine is. Former acting CIA director John McLaughlin joins Lawrence O'Donnell. watch

As advertisers flee, can Bill O'Reilly...

As advertisers flee, can Bill O'Reilly stay at Fox?

04/10/17 10:43PM

Fox News announced an official investigation of sexual harassment claims against Bill O'Reilly, using the same law firm that investigated multiple sexual harassment claims against Roger Ailes. Joan Walsh and Angelo Carusone of Media Matters join Lawrence O'Donnell. watch

The Trump admin's incoherent foreign policy

The Trump admin's incoherent foreign policy

04/10/17 10:03PM

Mixed messages from admin officials on foreign policy objectives in Syria confound experts. The Trump administration's Syrian missile attack has made working with Russia almost impossible for now. Steve Clemons, Malcolm Nance and Joan Walsh join Lawrence O'Donnell. watch

Pentagon investigating Russia's role in...

Pentagon investigating Russia's role in Syrian chemical attack

04/07/17 10:23PM

Russian President Vladimir Putin called the Trump admin's Syrian airstrikes an "act of aggression" that will affect Russian-American relations. Tom Nichols & David Filipov join Lawrence O'Donnell to discuss Putin's ties to Assad and his motivations in the region. watch


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