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E.g., 8/20/2017
US medic helps ISIS victims in Iraq

American fights to help Iraqis survive violent ISIS terror

07/14/17 10:33PM

Richard Engel, NBC News chief foreign correspondent, reports on an effort by Pete Reed, a 28-year-old marine from New Jersey, to provide medical care on the front lines of the fight against ISIS in Mosul, Iraq, and the push to restore hospital services... watch

Trump says 'health care is hard' as GOP...

Trump says 'health care is hard' as GOP bill flounders

07/13/17 10:55PM

Lawrence O'Donnell weighs in on Trump's sit-back-and-wait approach to passing major health care legislation. And Ezra Klein explains why he thinks the newest GOP bill "is terrible for anyone who is sick, has been sick, or will be sick." watch

GOP in crisis over Trump Jr.-Russia email...

GOP in crisis over Trump Jr.-Russia email revelation

07/12/17 10:50PM

Republicans backed Donald Trump for President and now leaders like Paul Ryan find themselves are struggling to answer simple questions like, "would you have taken the meeting Donald Trump Jr. did?" David Frum and Ned Price join Lawrence O'Donnell. watch

Lawrence: Kushner letting Trump Jr. take...

Lawrence: Kushner letting Trump Jr. take the fall

07/12/17 10:35PM

Lawrence O'Donnell explains why Jared Kushner could be in serious legal trouble for not disclosing the Russian lawyer meeting on his security clearance form and why Trump's lawyers are right for trying to build a wall between the President and his son-in-law. watch

Potential legal troubles for Kushner,...

Potential legal troubles for Kushner, Trump Jr. after meeting

07/12/17 10:11PM

New details on the Trump business connection to the meeting Trump Junior and Jared Kushner had with a Russian lawyer and its possible legal consequences. Enron prosecutor Samuel Buell, investigative reporter Michael Isikoff, and David Frum join Lawrence O'Donnell. watch

GOP advisor: Trump administration under ...

GOP advisor: Trump administration under 'avalanche of lies'

07/11/17 10:13PM

The Trump administration is under another round of fire for Don Jr.'s meeting with a Russian lawyer, after he released damaging emails concerning him, Kushner, and Manafort. Lawrence O'Donnell discusses with Bob Bauer, David Cay Johnston, and Max Boot. watch

Lawrence: Jared Kushner faces more trouble...

Lawrence: Jared Kushner faces more trouble than Trump Jr.

07/11/17 10:03PM

Lawrence O'Donnell explains that while the revelations of Donald Trump Jr.'s emails pertaining to his meeting with a Russian lawyer during the campaign are damaging for Trump Jr. and Paul Manafort, the implications for Jared Kushner could be much, much worse. watch

Trump's new Russia idea draws bipartisan...

Trump's new Russia idea draws bipartisan bafflement

07/10/17 10:20PM

Pennsylvania Democratic Rep. Brendan Boyle introduces legislation to block funding for Trump's suggested cybersecurity unit with Russia. Trump is already backpedaling as another Russia story breaks. Rep. Boyle and Evelyn Farkas join Lawrence O'Donnell to react. watch


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