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The interview that could hurt Michael Flynn

The interview that could hurt Michael Flynn

04/27/17 10:12PM

Michael Isikoff asked Michael Flynn last year who paid him to speak to Russia's English language propaganda TV channel. His answer could be crucial in the new investigation into contacts with Russia. Isikoff joins Lawrence O'Donnell with Tim Mak and Mieke Eoyang. watch

Lawrence on Trump's disastrous one-page...

Lawrence on Trump's disastrous one-page tax proposal rollout

04/26/17 11:00PM

The White House unveiled a one-page outline of their tax proposal, providing almost no detail about what the final plan will look like. But one thing we do know: the wealthy would get a massive tax cut. Lawrence O'Donnell speaks with David Cay Johnston and Adam Jentleson. watch

Judge blames Trump admin. for executive...

Judge blames Trump admin. for executive order failure

04/25/17 10:23PM

A federal judge issued an injunction blocking Trump's attempt to strip sanctuary cities of federal funds, blaming the admin. itself for the loss. CA State Senate leader Kevin de León & Mayor Jorge Elorza of Providence, RI, a sanctuary city, join Lawrence O'Donnell. watch

Pres. Trump's threat to Congress fails

Pres. Trump's threat to Congress fails

04/24/17 10:40PM

President Trump lost his first fight over health care and Monday night he appeared to back off threats to force Democrats and Republicans to pay for the border wall. Fmr. GOP Congressman David Jolly and MNSBC's Joy Reid join Lawrence O'Donnell. watch

Democrats press for action on Senate...

Democrats press for action on Senate Russia probe

04/24/17 10:02PM

The Senate Intelligence Committee's investigation into the Trump-Russia connection has hit a rough patch. More than 3 months and no witness interviews or subpoenas for documents. Tim Mak, Matthew Miller, and Ned Price join Lawrence O'Donnell. watch

Fox News and combating the victim blaming...

Fox News and combating the victim blaming culture

04/21/17 10:48PM

How will the Bill O'Reilly controversy influence workplace culture and treatment of harassment claims in the future? Nancy Giles and Claudia Reis, an employment lawyer, join Ari Melber to discuss. Plus, how Fox News treated Friday's final "The Factor" episode. watch

Three accusers on Trump's defense of O'Reilly

Three accusers on Trump's defense of O'Reilly

04/20/17 10:22PM

Perquita Burgess, Caroline Heldman, and Wendy Walsh tell Lawrence O'Donnell how it felt when President Donald Trump took Bill O'Reilly's word over theirs – and attorney Lisa Bloom shares the kinds of responses they've all received since coming forward. watch

Three O'Reilly sexual harassment accusers...

Three O'Reilly sexual harassment accusers speak out

04/20/17 10:01PM

In their first appearance together, 3 women who accused Bill O'Reilly of sexual harassment – Perquita Burgess, Caroline Heldman & Wendy Walsh – share their hopes & fears on coming forward. Attorney Lisa Bloom, who brought national attention to their stories, joins. watch


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