Women’s reproductive ‘health experts’


Funny or Die has produced yet another PSA masterpiece, poking fun at the recent politicians and Republican presidential candidates’ positions on female reproductive health. The actors, who include Don Cheadle, Judd Nelson of “The Breakfast Club” fame, and NBC’s Parks and Recreation’s Ron Swanson, portray Republicans who have proven that they truly believe women know absolutely nothing about their own reproductive health. These women’s “health experts” prove their expertise, simply because “they’re late middle-aged men who know the most about everything.”  

Today, the Senate blocked a Republican effort, known as the Blunt amendment, that would have let employers and health insurance providers deny coverage for contraceptives and other services to which they have religious or moral objections. It was defeated in a 51-48 vote.

So for all you women who have been fussing over this debate, quit your worrying, they’ve got this. Or as an alternative, you can just place aspirin between your legs, whatever that means. 


Women's reproductive 'health experts'