What’s Team Obama REALLY been up to?

NBC Chicago got a tour of the Obama Campaign Headquarters.
NBC Chicago got a tour of the Obama Campaign Headquarters.
NBC Chicago/WMAQ

No, this is not a post about a wild conspiracy theory on the imminent takeover of your freedom by “Team Obama.” While Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum have been clawing their way to unfavorable ratings in the 45 percent range, the Campaign to Reelect President Obama has been working on a modern and technical campaign; technical especially compared to the reported simple and traditional campaign tactics of President Obama’s Republican contenders.

Sure, the Obama campaign has run a few ads and is willing to put a spokesperson on cable television (including The Last Word) but the campaign structure that Tim Dickinson of Rolling Stone describes in the April 12th edition of the magazine seems vastly more savvy. Who knew there was a social networking site for Obama campaign volunteers?

We’ve pulled some interesting bits.

  • “Obama already has eight “regional grassroots offices” in Michigan, with plans to expand to a dozen in the coming weeks. Mitt Romney, by contrast, apparently shut down his Michigan office soon after he won the primary on February 28th.”
  • Courting Latino voters could be key not only in tossup states like Nevada or the campaign’s top new target, Arizona, but also in Midwestern states like Ohio.”
  • “Last month, the campaign registered more than 5,000 voters in North Carolina — a state Obama carried last time by just 14,000 votes.”

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What's Team Obama REALLY been up to?