What it means to be ‘Iowa nice’



A hilarious new web video takes on the media’s collective obsession with residents of the Hawkeye State. In “Iowa Nice,” local TV host Scott Siepker challenges the stereotypical soften-spoken conservative demeanor of this crop of Midwesterners and its controversial influence on the electoral process.

The video opens in a very not nice way, “So I hear you think you know something about Iowa? F*#$ you! You heard we’re a bunch of knee-jerk conservative reactionaries. I guess that’s why we went democratic in five out of the last six presidential elections.”

He notes that Iowa legalized gay marriage before most states and it boasts one of the lowest unemployment rates around. And my favorite part, probably because I’m originally from Iowa, Siepker chows down on angel food cake — a favorite Iowa delicacy, only second in awesomeness to “salads” consisting of either a Cool Whip or mayonnaise base (Just ask Rick Santorum).

Siepker reminds the world while “it takes a fleet of tricked out machines and [bleep] of ag science to make it all work,” not everyone is a farmer or a hillbilly. He invites the “flyovers” to at least wave — they’ll even wave back. Because they’re “nice.”