‘West Wing’ reunites to walk and talk the vote


If you’re a West Wing fan desperate for just one more episode with President Jed Bartlet, CJ, and the rest of the crew, today is your lucky day. A handful of actors from the Emmy award-winning TV series reprised their roles in a campaign ad for the sister of Mary McCormack, a.k.a Deputy National Security advisor Kate Harper.

Bridget Mary McCormack is running for Michigan state Supreme Court. In a sketch littered with inside jokes, The West Wing team came together to bring attention to the not-so-sexy issue of filling out the non-partisan section of the voting ballot. This is how Michigan and 14 other states select their supreme court justices. As Bradley Whitford, who reprised his role as Josh Lyman, explains, “In non-partisan elections all across America, voters are leaving part of their ballot blank. And they don’t even know it.”

So who is Bridget Mary McCormack? According to the ad, she’s a “married mother of four, dean at Michigan law. Bridget has spent her entire career fighting for justice for ordinary people for families with sick kids. For families of domestic violence. She’s fought to free innocent men and women and get the actual criminals behind bars.”

And in a TV-turned-reality twist, McCormack’s husband, Steve Croley, currently works in the real West Wing as deputy counsel in the White House Counsel’s Office.

While voting for Supreme Court justices may not be particularly racy, it is important. In fact, state Supreme Courts’ decisions could influence the general election. Just this week, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled on the state’s voter ID law, sending it back to a lower court to ensure that all voters can get an ID by November 6.

'West Wing' reunites to walk and talk the vote