West Wing reunion: Lawrence O’Donnell and Richard Schiff


msnbc’s Lawrence O’Donnell talked to West Wing alum Richard Schiff about taking over The Last Word anchor chair during Monday’s show.

“I think in terms of first-time anchormen,” O’Donnell said, “it was the sharpest upward learning curve we’ve ever seen.”

The two men also had a discussion about Twitter, and how it’s new way to share political information. O’Donnell mentioned his Twitter followers inform him of things that he would not have heard of otherwise. “They’ve put things on [Twitter] that I’ve used in the show, that our staff didn’t find, that I didn’t find,” he said.

Schiff’s new web series, Chasing the Hill, revolves the re-election campaign of a Democratic representative from California, and in which he plays a political operative. Be on the lookout for O’Donnell, who will be making a cameo in a forthcoming episode of the series.

West Wing reunion: Lawrence O'Donnell and Richard Schiff