Viewer reactions to birth control debate

Speaker John Boehner discussing birth control on Capitol Hill last week.
Speaker John Boehner discussing birth control on Capitol Hill last week.
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The birth control mandate has been blowing up our Facebook and Twitter feeds, and comment sections on the blog.

The White House is reevaluating its health care policy that requires all employers to provide workers with coverage to birth control pills. Religious groups and many Republicans have been complaining that it violates their religious beliefs.

We’ve discussed it at length for the past two nights on the show, now we want to turn the tables on viewers. Our lovely intern Petra Vujaskovic compiled a round-up of your thoughts on the controversial topic…


  • “Birth control pills are often prescribed for reasons other than avoiding pregnancy. Sometimes women need this medication for very serious medical conditions. This is where the Catholic church has absolutely no business determining what kind of medical care a woman should have. The decision to use birth control pills is, like any other medical decision, between a woman and her healthcare provider. It is none of the Church’s business why birth control pills might be prescribed by a doctor.”
     JT Harkness, Last Word Blog

  • “I thought this was over long time ago. MEN should mind their Viagra, stay out of WOMEN’S health.”
    @23YearNavyVet, Twitter
  • “The WH should not “handle” birth control……it’s a private matter and the government has no business being involved.”
    Caddy Wompass, Facebook
  • “If people want birth control they can go somewhere besides a Catholic organization. There are other groups that opt out of things out of conscience. If a non-Catholic works for them they should know that working for them what their policies are.” —Leonardo Lopez, Facebook
  • “I would not repeal it simply because most people working in Catholic hospitals are not Catholic, therefore, should be able to have their birth control fall under their insurance. If a Catholic doesn’t like it, don’t take it.”
     Susan Davidson, Facebook
  • “Don’t you just love the way the Catholic church picks and chooses what issues that it’s outraged about? They are up in arms about providing coverage for birth control, yet don’t mind hiding and protecting pedophiles.”
     Soothe, Last Word Blog
  • “I think old men need to get out of the birth control debate.”
    — Vermicious Knid, Facebook
  • “I’m so tired of hearing attacks on women’s reproductive rights. When am I going to hear men’s reproductive rights being attacked on a regular basis. I’m just sayin…we are in the 21 century and entering a time of asking for fairness (if not more awareness). It’s time everything is on the table.”
    — Cherie Seymore, Last Word Blog
  • “Ridiculous….are there really that many people living in the Dark Ages?!”
    — Susan Buley Crawford, Facebook
  • “The big picture is if the Church does not want to be forced to do anything that is against their beliefs, then why would they block something someone else believes in? I mean I get it, they don’t want to offer BC, but what if they employ someone that wants it, is that not looking over, denying them their rights? You can’t have it both ways!”
    — Sheila Favored Pearce, Facebook
  • “Why doesn’t someone poll women?”
    — Pat Tomasso, Facebook

Should religious schools and hospitals be exempt from the law that requires birth control to be included in employees’ health care coverage? Take our Last Word poll now.

Viewer reactions to birth control debate