Trayvon Martin and institutional racism


In a Last Word web exclusive, Mark Thompson from Sirius/XM radio’s Make it Plain explains both the similarities and differences between the Trayvon Martin case and the recent shooting of 16 Afghanistan civilians by a U.S. soldier.    

At this hour, George Zimmerman is not charged with any crime. Meanwhile, Afghanistan shooting suspect, Robert Bales was swiftly brought into custody. Mark said the difference in action shows institutional racism is not only still practiced in the U.S., but accepted. 

“By not arresting Zimmerman, and every day that goes by that they don’t do that, really lends credence to the belief, and really to the fact in many ways, that not only do we still have institutional racism here, but they are somehow thinking this is okay and no big deal,” said Thompson.

Thompson went on to explain how this has a detrimental effect on the African American community. “Many African Americans are still very, very concerned about the value of their lives and if this is not addressed swiftly and directly then that concern will remain.”