Top Bush adviser: Romney is ‘running out of time’


“Mitt Romney, at his core, is not a hardcore conservative,” Mark McKinnon said Wednesday on The Last Word, laying out one of many of Romney’s problems. 

What makes his words different? McKinnon was a top adviser to George W. Bush who also helped out on John McCain’s 2008 presidential campaign.

In a brutally honest editorial in The Daily Beast about Romney’s latest 47% troubles, McKinnon wrote that candidate is “running out of time, and voters like me are running out of patience.”

McKinnon described Romney comments made in the video—which was surreptitiously recorded and posted online Monday by the liberal magazine Mother Jones—as unpresidential. “Presidents don’t talk about those people,” he said. “Presidents talk about being inclusive.”

“He’s been a mystery for a lot of us,” McKinnon continued, and the latest remarks aren’t helping.  

O’Donnell asked if this now means that he is an undecided voter.

“The Libertarian’s starting to look pretty good to me right now,” McKinnon said, referring to Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson.

Mitt Romney

Top Bush adviser: Romney is 'running out of time'