In tonight’s Rewrite: Gov. Christie


Yesterday on NBC’s Meet the Press, outspoken New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie sat down with David Gregory for a discussion about the economy, the national debt, his state’s new pension plan and the Republican race for 2012 (which Gov. Christie repeatedly has said he will not enter).

Toward the end of their lengthy interview, Gregory asked Gov. Christie about his brash style that has occasionally created fireworks between the governor and his own constituents. Gregory pointed to the most recent example where Christie took a voter to task over her question about funding cuts to New Jersey’s public schools.

And it is within Gov. Christie’s answer to David Gregory’s question that Lawrence found a perfect opportunity for a Rewrite. You can see just that portion of their exchange in the clip above (or see the whole interview here), and tune in to tonight’s edition of The Last Word to find out what LO’D has to say.