The Last Word’s royal treatment

The happy couple, Kate Middleton and Prince William
The happy couple, Kate Middleton and Prince William
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Few things get Last Word staffers up early in the morning. Not getting up before 9:30am is one of the perks of working on our show. However, when undercover reporting calls — we show up for duty. Our mission: live tweeting the royal wedding. Why undercover you ask? First of all, we will literally be under covers, as in still in bed. Secondly, Lawrence is not the biggest fan of The Royal Wedding coverage. It’s not that he has anything against royals or Kate, it’s just he would prefer not to cover it. You may remember this moment.

That’s when we decided to take a page from Sarah Palin’s playbook and go rogue.  

Join us at 5am ET (or earlier if we’re really ambitious) for the live tweeting event of the century! Wear your best pajamas, throw on a pot of English breakfast tea, and tweet us some pics of how you’re celebrating, or mourning, the end of William’s bachelorhood. We promise you entertaining commentary, completely irrelevant fashion criticism, and of course our favorite memories of Wills.  

Disclaimer: Lawrence O’Donnell does not endorse the royal wedding. Thoughts and opinions are our own.  

P.S. The actual wedding of the weekend takes place on Saturday when Last Word’s Digital Producer Sarah Muller or @DigiMuller as some of you may know her, gets hitched! Congratulations to all of the happy soon to be newlyweds.


—Casey and Danielle

The Last Word's royal treatment