Team Obama nets $29.1M in fundraising

President Obama boarding Air Force One in San Francisco Friday.
President Obama boarding Air Force One in San Francisco Friday.
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President Obama announced his latest re-election campaign fundraising numbers via Twitter this morning.

@BarackObama tweeted, “Our FEC report today: In January 2012, #Obama2012 raised a combined total of $29.1 million between committees.”

The president also tweeted that 98% of January donations were less than $250.

NBC’s Mark Murray provided a cash breakdown; the campaign itself raised $11.9 million, with the DNC and Obama Victory Fund contributions making up the rest of the $29.1 million total.

Murray also points out that Team Obama raised nearly $37 million in January of 2008, much higher than today’s release. However, that was in the middle of the Hillary Clinton/Barack Obama primary showdown.

An Obama campaign official told NBC News, “We’re putting this money in the bank, and not in a competitive primary. The Republicans are spending whatever they raise.”

Republican presidential campaigns have not yet released their fundraising for the month of January.

CNN reported today that big time Republican donor Sheldon Adelson will donate $10 million to the Newt Gingrich-supporting super PAC, Winning our Future, by the end of the month. However, this has not been confirmed by NBC News.

If Adelson does make the donation, it could give the lagging Gingrich campaign a much needed boost right before Super Tuesday.

The NBC News political unit points out that we have entered the stage in the presidential contest where all presidential candidates are required by the Federal Elect Commission to report fundraising numbers by the 20th of each month.

Still curious? You can comb through the FEC filings here

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Team Obama nets $29.1M in fundraising