T-Paw skating on thin ice


Lady Gaga-loving Tim Pawlenty compares himself to the Miracle on Ice in a brand new ad. For all you non-sporting buffs, that’s the legendary U.S. hockey team that went on to beat the all-mighty Soviet Union for the Olympic gold in 1980. Many still consider it one of the greatest games of all time.

In the video, which began airing in the Hawkeye State yesterday, T-Paw sets the scene by narrating from inside a skating rink. “Out here, you’re tested. You face an opponent experts say can’t be beat. You fight. You bleed. You prevail,” said Pawlenty, drawing parallels to his own underdog campaign status. “The country’s down, but we’re not out. To come back we need a leader with proven record, not just rhetoric.”

The former Minnesota governor said he “won” by shutting down his state’s government and taking on unions while in charge. He continues to tout that as a good thing.

T-Paw’s going to need a miracle in Iowa at the rate he’s going now. A new WSJ/NBC poll found a whopping 2% of GOP primary voters picked him as their first choice for president.

UPDATE: ABC Sports is reportedly not a fan of T-Paw’s comeback ad for using its copyrighted footage without proper clearance.