So this happened in your nation’s capital today…


If you thought this Politico article revealing the secret sex culture of Washington, DC was going to lead to the dirtiest discussions about Washington today you may have been proven wrong thanks to some unfortunate toilet happenings. 

The headline from the prestigious National Journal reads: “Erupting Urinal Soaks House Press Gallery.” Reports from the House side of the Capitol Building say that “a big splash happened this morning” as pipes connected to the men’s facilities on the third floor erupted, sending water down into the Press Gallery. Want to read dirty things about Washington? Today you have two choices.

And to make sure this story attracts the raunchy toilet humor it deserves, New York Magazine is practically daring you to come up with a headline that would make the  New York Post proud.

Washington and The Last Word OMFG

So this happened in your nation's capital today...