Sarah Palin speaks during the 41st annual Conservative Political Action Conference on March 8, 2014 in National Harbor, Maryland.
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Sarah Palin accuses media of double standard with Hillary Clinton


Another Republican is now weighing in on Hillary Clinton’s health. 

Sarah Palin slammed the mainstream media for treating Clinton with a double standard after Republican strategist Karl Rove raised controversial concerns about the likely presidential candidate’s health.

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“Thank goodness liberals are consistent in refusing to apply double standards, thanks to their disdain for hypocrisy – so they’ll come through once again,” the former vice presidential candidate wrote sarcastically on her Facebook page Monday evening. ”Rest assured these self-designated protectors of what they obviously believe is the ‘weaker sex’ needing protection in the political arena will elevate political discourse.”

Palin doubled down on her disdain for the media by signing off the post with a mention of her youngest child, Trig, who was born with Down’s Syndrome.

“This just doesn’t happen at this respectable level of American politics. Just ask me. And Trig,” Palin wrote, referring to rumors that circulated before and after the 2008 election about whether she was the baby’s actual birth mother. 

Palin also criticized liberals for attacking Rove’s comments about the former secretary of state’s concussion from a blood clot in 2012. 

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“America, you deserve fair and consistent coverage of relevant issues before deciding a Presidential/Vice Presidential ticket, so have faith the agenda-less media will refuse to push whispers and wildly inaccurate information about a partisan politician’s body part.”

“The Center for Disease Control says a concussion is a type of traumatic brain injury,” Rove, a longtime GOP political operative, said last week on “Fox News Sunday.”

I’m not questioning her health. What I’m questioning is whether or not it’s a done deal that she’s running, and she would not be human if she … did not take this into consideration,” Rove added. 

RNC Chair Reince Priebus defended Rove’s remarks on “Meet the Press” Sunday, calling Clinton’s health and age “fair game.” 

“I’m not a doctor,” Priebus said. “What I do know is that the issue is going to come up as it does for any person running for president. What I think is going to make her rethink whether she should actually run for president.” 

This isn’t the first time Palin has commented on the top Democratic presidential contender. Earlier this month, Palin said in an interview that Clinton’s expected grandchild might “open her eyes” on the abortion issue and “broaden her world view.” 

Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin accuses media of double standard with Hillary Clinton