Romney’s b-day gift to Obama


President Obama turns the big 5-0 tomorrow. Ahead of the festivities, he’s back in Chicago for a fundraiser tonight.

Willard M. Romney gave him an early b-day present. He taunted Obama in a tweet, “welcoming” him back to his hometown. The new video titled “Obama isn’t working: Chicago,” shows an emptied out Grant Park and sorry-looking buildings, and touts higher unemployment rates and lower home prices in the Chicagoland area since Obama took office.

The DNC fired back in a statement, “Sent from somewhere in the ‘Mittness Protection Program,’ Mitt Romney’s video is just more of the same rhetoric aimed at currying favor with the extreme wing of the Republican Party. As Mitt phones in his message, he only continues to promote the failed GOP policies that sent the country to the brink, while President Obama and Democrats turn the page to focus on putting Americans back to work.”

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Chicago, Mitt Romney and Barack Obama

Romney's b-day gift to Obama