Romney’s 2004 speech on flip-flopping

This election cycle, Willard M. Romney has been repeatedly criticized for dodging reporters’ questions (sometimes rudely) and flip-flopping on the issues. The Willard M. Romney of 2004 took a stance against being so “conflicted.”

Speaking the Iowa Delegation to the Republican National Convention, the then-Massachusetts governor spoke out against then-presidential nominee John Kerry and his flip-flopping ways. He explained to the audience how the Massachusetts senator “is a person incapable of coming down firmly on one-side of a key issue,” unlike any politician “that you have experienced before.”

“He is drawn in two different directions, and very powerfully,” said Romney. “He’s with an audience he wants to identify with and satisfy that audience, and will say what he thinks they want to hear.”

Romney ended his speech by sharing a Conan O’Brien joke, one he “thought was kind of cute,” on Kerry’s dating habits. Some things never change.