Romney mocked Kerry’s mega-mansion

Mitt Romney, the target of constant criticism for being the so-called “out of touch rich guy,” once took aim at Senator John Kerry for living large.

A clip from the 2004 Republican Governors Association dinner, dug up by Buzzfeed of course, shows the former Massachusetts governor mocking then-Democratic presidential nominee for his fancy digs. “There’s a senator from my state you may have heard that wants to get elected to president. And I don’t know why he wants to do that because of course if he won, he’d have to move into a smaller house,” Romney told the crowd, followed by an awkward pause and minimal laughter.

Democrats have been lobbing the same complaints against Romney, who’s currently renovating his $12 million La Jolla, California beach house compound. Features include 3,600-square-foot basement and an elevator for cars.

Mitt Romney

Romney mocked Kerry's mega-mansion