Romney looks to women for help

Mitt Romney today in Newark, N.J.
Mitt Romney today in Newark, N.J.
REUTERS/Jessica Rinaldi

Today, Mitt Romney’s campaign announced that Ann Romney will chair a new campaign coalition to attract women voters.

The announcement of his “Women for Mitt Coalition“ came on the same day that activist Sandra Fluke chastised the Republican candidate for failing to stand up for women’s rights at an Obama campaign event in Denver. Fluke, you may recall, was the central figure in a dust-up involving Romney and Rush Limbaugh over contraception.

Team Romney’s announcement could be an attempt to counter the Obama campaign’s effort to paint their Republican opponent as “out of touch” on women’s issues. Last week the Obama campaign released the ad below featuring women who characterize Romney as an “extreme” candidate who would “drag” women back to the 1950s.

The Romney campaign released the names of high-ranking female officials that will serve with Ann Romney as advisory board members and honorary co-chairs.