Rollins: GOP a ‘bunch of old white guys’


Fox News viewers witnessed a rare plea from veteran Republican strategist Ed Rollins to broaden its base. 

When asked today about critiques of the GOP as being as a bunch of “old white guys,” Rollins, who worked as Ronald Reagan’s national campaign director in 1984, agreed.

“It is a bunch of old, white guys, and unfortunately, a lot of them are fat like me — like Haley Barbour, my former deputy, and others.” He also urged his party to do a better job of engaging Latino and African-American voters.

Dems boast a widening edge with non-white voters. They tripled their margin of victory with this group, beating Republicans by more than 7 million in 1992 and by more than 21 million votes in 2008.

Mitt Romney plans to address the NAACP convention Wednesday, making his case to African-American voters.

Latinos, NAACP and Fox News

Rollins: GOP a 'bunch of old white guys'