Rick Perry’s new ad in post-T-Paw age



Rick Perry released new ad, touting high unemployment numbers and increased poverty rates under the Obama administration. It plays up that theme by showing barren city streets and boarded up buildings. Then, cut to a sunnier 2012, it shows Perry stepping in to save the day because “a renewed nation needs a new president.”

While it still doesn’t top The Muppets “Pig With The Froggy Tattoo Teaser Trailer“ — a current favorite YouTube clip among The Last Word staffers — the Perry video rivals some of the best ads we’ve seen since the campaign days of T-Paw.

And around the 25-second mark you may notice a familiar face. Alex Wagner, Huffington Post reporter and frequent guest here on The Last Word makes a cameo.

Tim Pawlenty and Rick Perry

Rick Perry's new ad in post-T-Paw age