Republican won’t let Warren leave room


We have video that illustrates as well as anything the ugly battle being waged by Republicans who want to stifle the consumer protection agency signed into law by President Obama and unofficially managed by TARP veteran Elizabeth Warren.

Yesterday, during a House oversight subcommittee hearing, Chairman and Republican Congressman Patrick McHenry accused Warren of misleading lawmakers about her role in giving advice to states dealing with mortgage lenders who wrongly foreclosed on homeowners. But that was nothing compared to what happened when Warren tried to leave after more than an hour of testimony. McHenry would have none of it. (Things get testy at 1:05:50).

So McHenry had basically just called Warren a liar. And he wasn’t giving up his quest for Warren to stay and answer more questions.

Warren was finally excused after promising to provide more answers in writing.

Senate Republicans have promised a fight if she’s nominated to run the agency. Some Democrats are now pushing the President to officially give her control of the agency through a recess appointment. And Warren is now being wooed as a possible challenger to Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown.

As for McHenry, his Facebook page has been bombarded in the last 24 hours with mostly negative comments for his behavior.      

Elizabeth Warren

Republican won't let Warren leave room