Rep. Joe Walsh is ‘over-caffeinated’


While banned from The Last Word for his, well… let’s call them child support issues, Rep. Joe Walsh continues to make the rounds on other networks. Today it was a trip to FOX News to talk to the always insightful Neil Cavuto. Rep. Walsh was answering questions about the above exchange he had with constituents during a recent “Cup of Joe with Joe” meeting that the Tea Party Republican says happens “every weekend” in his district.

While fielding questions about Wall Street regulation, Rep. Walsh gets extremely agitated, telling the group assembled:

“What created this mess was your government, which demanded for years that everybody be in a home… Don’t blame the banks. Don’t blame the marketplace for the mess we’re in right now. I am tired of hearing this crap! This pisses me off. Too many people don’t listen. Do you want more Dodd/Frank? Is that what you want?! I need more coffee!”

The fireworks really start around 2:25 into the clip. And what did Rep. Walsh say was to blame for his outburst? Too much coffee and not enough food. Here’s a portion of his exchange just a few minutes ago on FOX News.

Rep. Walsh: “I do these things every weekend… and invite anybody in my district to join me. I made the mistake of doing this meeting on a very empty stomach and too much coffee… So many of us have this mentality… that the private sector has caused this mess we’re in and I just see everybody creeping back to wanting more regulation and that just set me off. But I hadn’t eaten anything that morning.”

FOX News question: “Did you have any coffee before this?”

Rep. Walsh: Yes, I downed a few quick cups which was probably a mistake. Did I go over the line on Sunday? Yes. But I think people (enjoy that) a Congressman is so accessible… “

FOX News question: “I think the world of you Congressman, but maybe you should switch to Prozac. And maybe eat something and switch to decaf next time?”

Rep. Walsh: (Laughter)

My favorite part of that exchange? Rep. Walsh says this was “probably a mistake.” When FOX News is telling you to calm down, you probably don’t need to say “probably.”

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Rep. Joe Walsh is 'over-caffeinated'