Rebekah Brooks ‘Friday’ mash-up


A News of The World parody video has been in heavy rotation among Last Word staffers this afternoon. It’s “Friday,” Rebekah Brooks-style.

Based off of The Worst Song In The History Of Mankind by teen songbird Rebecca Black, this Internet gem focuses on the ousted U.K. tabloid chief. This version swaps key players from the phone hacking case and equally annoying lyrics related to the scandal.

You can bop along (or bang your head against a wall) to lyrics like “It’s Friday, Friday/ Gotta resign on Friday/Everybody’s looking forward to the weekend, weekend/Friday, Friday/Getting fired on Friday/Everybody’s looking forward to the weekend/Phone hacking, phone hacking, Yeah!/Phone hacking, phone hacking, Yeah!”

Rebekah Brooks 'Friday' mash-up