Perry ad goes to town on ‘Romneycare’


Rick Perry may be taking a break from the campaign trail today, but he’s getting his message out loud and clear in a new web video.

Released ahead of tomorrow night’s Republican presidential debate in New Hampshire, the ad slams rival Willard M. Romney over “Romneycare” and his frequent flip-flopping — a line of attack spearheaded by Tim Pawlenty.

A piece of trail trivia: You might recognize that slick cinematic-style from the now defunct T-Paw campaign. That’s because Perry’s team snatched up the same filmmaker guy.

The lush visuals carry over to this ad, titled “Romney’s Remedy.” Just to give you an idea, Romney’s face shape-shifts into Obama’s face! That particular Photoshop job may also break rules over usage of an official White House photo… Conceptually, the ad takes on the healthcare mandate for Massachusetts Romney created while serving as governor — a very serious weak-spot for Romney’s campaign.

As Romney knows all too well, it puts him in an awkward position to get the nom, especially after Obama said he based his healthcare plan off Romney’s and the Republican party is actively trying to overturn that law.

The ad says, “Even the richest man can’t buy back his past.”

According to TPM, Gail Gitcho, Romney’s communications director, said in a statement “Rick Perry is a desperate candidate who will say and do anything to prop up his sinking campaign. In trying to deflect attention from his liberal in-state tuition policy for illegal immigrants, he has resorted to repeated dishonesty, distortions, and fabrications about Mitt Romney.”

Perry’s poll numbers have sharply fallen in the past few weeks, so campaign is working on a rebound.

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Perry ad goes to town on 'Romneycare'